Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February - the month where I'd a case of startitis....

Hi everyone!  Well, February turned into one of those months when I felt like I didn’t achieve much stitching.  Instead, it feels more like I’d a case of startitis but didn’t get far with anything. 
I decided to make a start on Brenda Gervais’ Noel Sampler.  Ideally this will be something I’m going to work on each month.  I’ve the chart broken down into 9 sections……have I completed what I wanted to stitch in February?  Given this is the last day of the month, the answer is no!  Here is what I have got done though…

I’m stitching this on 28ct Zweigart that was originally antique white but I’ve dyed it a soft grey. This is charted for DMC which is what I am using.  After taking this picture I realised I’d the needle parked slap bang in the middle …… ignore!!!!

Next up is another one with a Christmas/winter feel.  This is Stitch Me Merry from Atelier Perdu which was released in four parts leading up to Christmas.

Again, I’m looking at this as one to work on through the year with (hopefully) a finish for this Christmas.  I’m doing it as a SAL with my friend, Margaret (no blog), and it’s lovely to have the company.  My choice of fabric has been a 32ct blue that was in my stash and I’m using a mix of the suggested colours and DMC.

Another start has been Heartstring Samplery’s Forever Young.  Not much progress to report on this one as you’ll see from the picture….

I’m stitching this one on 28ct Permin/Wichelt Dusty Miller linen and using a mix of the suggested overdyeds and DMC.

My intentions of having Blackbird Designs Garden Club series completed this month bit the dust.  Here are all 12 in a pile …..

The only thing I have left to do is the over one stitching on this top square….that is all!!  I figured if I posted about it here maybe it would spur me on to actually sit down and get it done…..let’s see!

And that’s about it on the stitching front.  I’m hoping March will be a better month for me stitching-wise.  I’m feeling the need of working on something Spring related and moving on to working with brighter colours. 

Hope all is well with you and yours.  As always, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, I do appreciate it.
Until next time…..

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Off to a good start.....

Hello everyone!  How did you find January?  Did it go quickly or slowly for you?  I’ve found January has flown in, it has helped that DH and I have stayed healthy and have, so far, missed the dreaded flu that is doing the rounds this year.  Fingers crossed we continue to escape it.  It seems to be quite the illness if you’re unfortunate enough to catch it and takes weeks to recover from.
I’ve had a good month stitching-wise……2 finishes to report!

I couldn’t put PSS Hello Winter down this month and put the final stitches in a couple of days ago.  I do love this design.  I decided to leave the wording off, I was happy with how it looked without them.  As this is stitched on 28ct linen it is quite a bit bigger than the original (36ct) so I think I’ll be framing this one rather than making it into a small.

Stitched on 28ct Permin/Wichelt Dusty Millar linen, a lovely blue-grey, using a mix of the suggested overdyeds and DMC.

Last time I blogged I mentioned two possible Christmas related charts that I was considering starting.  A couple of days later I realised I’d left out the picture of Brenda Gervais’ Noel Sampler so, here it is…..

Having seen this on IG I had to track it down and do have it all kitted up and ready to start.
However, I haven’t started it yet, instead the other Brenda Gervais chart I’d bought, Jingle all the Way was the one I went with.  I’ve been stitching this one on Sundays (#santasundayxs on IG) but was so close to a finish Sunday past that I decided to just keep working on it and……
Stitched on 28ct Zweigart Vintage Country Mocha and mix of suggested overdyeds and DMC
it’s a finish!!!!  

Confession time ...... half way through stitching the santa I realized I was stitching him in CC Cherry Cobbler instead of CC Chilli Pepper.   I wasn't about to start ripping out all that I'd done, I realised I preferred the Cherry Cobbler - it's a deeper red than the skein of Chilli Pepper that I have, it's a browner red - which is probably why I reached for it in the first place..   Not sure how I’ll finish this one yet, it's on a lower count than the suggested fabric – I’ve got my thinking cap on for it!!  

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last blog post.  I’ve gathered some new followers too and it’s nice to see that blogging is still being enjoyed.  A new start is planned in the next few days so hopefully, by my next blog post, I’ll have progress to share on that. 

Hoping everyone stays healthy!

Until next time…..