Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Year, New Start and a thank you!

Hello everyone!  I’ve the feeling that 2018 is going to go as quickly as 2017!  I can’t believe we’re almost to the middle of January.  Usually I find January drags but not this year!
This was my pick for my first start of 2018…..

Plum Street Samplers Hello Winter.  I loved this one as soon as Paulette released it and knew it had to make it into my stash.  Once again I’m using fabric from my stash.  I originally thought this was 32ct but have realised it’s 28ct.  It’s Permin/Wichelt’s Dusty Millar, a grey/blue shade and I love how the colours are popping off the fabric.  I’m using a mix of the suggested WDW and DMC, just going with what I already had. 

I haven’t got back into the routine of #santasundayxs  on IG yet.  I tracked down and added to my stash, With Thy Needle & Thread’s Noel Sampler.  It’s an older chart, from 2013.  I’m thinking of splitting the chart into monthly sections so that I’m setting myself monthly goals and will have it completed in time for this Christmas.

However, when I bought PSS Hello Winter I also bought this one….

With Thy Needle & Thread's Jingle All the Way and I’m keen to stitch it too.  I’ll have decided by next time I blog.

Now it’s time to say ‘thank you’ to my dear friend Carol over at Stitching Dreams.  Some of you will have already seen this ornament finish on her latest blog post.  What a gorgeous ornament she stitched for me - LHN’s Seasons Greetings

As ever, Carol’s finishing and her over one stitching on black……well, she’s just the Queen of both those things!  Also in the package were these goodies……

a sweet LHN chart, some lovely woollen fabric for finishing and sweet trims.  Carol, you already know how much I love everything but thank you again, my friend.

And I think that’s it for this time.  Thank you for your lovely comments last time around, I do appreciate each and every one.  I know blogging seems to have gone out of fashion a little bit but I’m enjoying getting back to having a more detailed record of my thoughts. 

Until next time….

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The stitching year of 2017

Thank you for the lovely comments and warm welcome back to blogging.  I wanted to post again before the end of 2017 with a round-up of the different pieces I stitched through 2017.  Overall this has not been one of my better years for stitching and finishing but, I do have a couple of pieces to share so….here goes…..

I think this has been my favourite stitch in 2017, The Drawn Thread’s Welcome Winter.  I started this in October and finished it at the beginning of this month… final finish for 2017.

I loved this one and plan to have it framed rather than left in the finished pile.  I used fabric that was in my stash (it’s Wichelt/Permin and I think it’s 32ct  light sandstone) and most of the suggested overdyed threads.  I did sub the green for the tree, changed that to a stronger green and used Crescent Colours Broccoli.

Another Winter/Christmas one was With Thy Needle & Threads Snow for Christmas…

I stitched this as a SAL on IG which was a lot of fun.  There’s no doubt, having others stitching along with you is a great motivator to keep stitching.  I did sub the fabric, went with a blue that was in my stash and used a mix of the suggested colours, the couple of colours I didn’t have I changed to DMC.  The little jingle bell was another sub, again it was in my stash. 

Earlier in the year I stitched BBD’s Spring Song from their booklet Mary Ann Blackburn (Loose Feathers Spring 2012).

This is one I’d on my ‘must stitch’ list ever since the booklet was released.  Again, I used fabric from my stash (are you noticing a theme here……trying to make a dent in my fabric stash……I’ve a long way to go on that though!) but used the suggested overdyeds. 

Another one that I stitched was Winter Heart from La-D-Da’s Three Sweet Hearts booklet. 

This one was stitched on the suggested WDW Parchment fabric (30ct), which was in my stash, with the suggested Gloriana Rosewood silk.

Finally, I had hoped to be able to report Blackbird Designs Garden Club series as a finish in 2017 but…no.  I’ve been working on this series for almost 2 years now (started January 2016!) and have been very hit and miss with it. 

Here we are at the end of December 2017 and I can tell you that I’m almost there.  I’m currently working on the12th square.  I haven’t stitched these in order which maybe wasn’t the wisest move.  The inevitable happened, as I gradually added the charts to my stash I stitched the ones I liked best of all leaving my least favourites to the end.  This last square (which will remain nameless for now!) is taking me forever.  Yes, I could call it a day at eleven squares but there’s that part of me that can’t do that.  Even though I’m not fond of this one I feel the need to stitch it so I know the series is complete.

So, there we are, finishes in 2017, 2018 right around the corner.  I do have a project in mind to start on January 1st , I’ll reveal that next time round.  I’m not making a definite list of charts to stitch in 2018 but I do have a couple that I’m keen to work on. They’ve been in my stash for a while and it’s about time they were stitched.

Happy New Year! 

Until next time……