Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Christmas finishing procrastination going on.

Well, my Christmas stitching mojo may be in full swing but my Christmas stitching ornament finishing mojo certainly isn’t!!! I could stitch quite happily on a seasonal theme but actually getting round to turning things into finished articles?!?! This, of course, is where I start to wish I’d kept to that idea that I have every year of stitching (and finishing!) an ornament each month….. maybe 2010 will be the year I finally keep to that schedule (don't hold your breath, I've been talking of doing this for years!). So, no ornament finishing to show this time round but I have added a couple of Christmas designs to my stash. Here’s a pattern from Jardin Prive that as soon as I saw it knew I had to order.

Then when I was blog-hopping I came across this and knew it was another ‘must-have’.

So, both have made their way into my stash pile.

This past week we have had two birthdays in our family, my DD and my DH. My DD turned 24 last Friday, she has lived and worked in England for just over a year so wasn’t here at home on the day. She is coming home this weekend though and will be here until Tuesday. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to spending some time with her as it’s been several months since she was home. Then DH’s birthday was yesterday. We’ll just leave it that he’s a good bit older than 24!! ;) We went out for dinner last night, to one of our favourite restaurants, and had a lovely meal but that was about the height of the excitement. Still, it meant I didn’t have to make dinner and a break from that is always nice. For years now I’ve always felt that once those two birthdays are out of the way then I can really start to think ‘Christmas’. So, onwards and upwards and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have organised myself into a ‘finishing day’ by the next time I write!

Until next time ….


Siobhan said...

Oh wow, what beautiful charts, Lois! I am a great collector of Christmas charts, just never seem to get around to stitching them. I hear you on the ornament thing, too. Every year I think I will do better and by January 1 I am ready to stuff all signs of winter away and prepare for spring & summer.

Happy belated birthday to your DH & DD! I hope you enjoy the time with your daughter, and that your son is feeling better soon, too!

PS--love the new blog look!

Carol said...

The Jardin Prive design is gorgeous.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Birthdays at this time of year are hard with Christmas so close on their heals (and then when you've got one just after New Year's!), but you know I understand exactly what you mean -- birthdays passed and it's all systems go on Christmas!

I know that one of these days (years?) you will get to making an ornament (and finishing them!) per month...2010 is my bet!!

Love these two patterns and I love the name Jardin Prive!! :)

sherry ♥ lee said...

By the way, love your holiday background!!! ♥

Cari said...

Oh Lois, I am envious! I saw the JP chart and just fell in love with it but have yet to actually add it to my stash - it is just gorgeous! I have not see the Pineberry Farm, but it is a great Christmas chart as well.

After seeing Siobhan's link to the trees full of stitched ornaments, I am determined to stitch an ornament a month in '10.

Happy Birthday to your daughter and husband. How fun to have your daughter home for a few days.

I love your blog's Christmas look - very festive!

Enjoy your time with your daughter!

Tracey said...

Love those charts Lois!! And I know exactly what you mean about finishing- I have so many ornaments/cards stitched that I have to finish- I just dread using my sewing machine- it seems something always goes wrong when it's time to sew!

Jan said...

Lois, I definitely don't think you are alone, with the christmas ornaments, since getting them to finished state, is very much a challenge for me too!

I hope your DH and DD had a birthday memory or two to cherish of their special days!

Those are both really pretty Christmas designs, great additions to your stash!

Catherine said...

What beautiful charts! I too have many Christmas charts to do and ornaments to finish (I'm not good at those yet!)

Deb said...

Those are some great charts. I love Christmas charts, but just don't seem to get to them. I think I've done five since I've been stitching (which are quite a few years)!

Jackie said...

I love the Jardin Prive piece! It's gorgeous! Did you find a US distributor of the chart?

I'm a new stitcher. No ornaments as yet. I'll fix that in 2010!

Carol said...

Hi Lois! Thanks for visiting my blog--so nice to "meet" you! I see we both have the love to stitch--hate to finish syndrome. Every week I tell myself that Friday will be a "finishing day," but so far I just keep stitching away...

Love your new stash additions :)