Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ellen Birdseye - a January finish

Yes, here she is, I am able to report Ellen as a January finish!

Goode Huswife Ellen Birdseye

Fabric: 32ct Elne of Lynnyn linen in puck

Threads: DMC 611, 612, 3012, 3371, GA Old Red Paint, Old Blue Paint

I actually put the final stitches in late yesterday afternoon but waited until this morning to take some pictures when the light was better. I have loved stitching this piece, she is definitely one of my favourites and, now that she’s completed, well, I've got that strange feeling of being a little sad that I won't be working on her anymore.

Melissa very kindly shared the colour changes she'd used and from those I introduced red into the piece using GA Old Red Paint and instead of DMC 931 I used GA Old Blue Paint.

This was the first time I’ve stitched on the Elne of Lynnyn linen and I really liked it and will be using it again.

Now to decide on what’s going to be my next project! I’ve a couple of things in mind, I’m jumping between staying with Goode Huswife or going to Ewe & Eye & Friends or something from La-D-Da. Decisions, decisions!!! Who knows, even though I have those in mind it might end up being a completely different designer! It's just going to depend on what jumps out and says 'stitch me'!

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend and if it’s cold and snowy where you are I hope that you’re able to stay inside, keep warm and stitch!
Until next time…

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coming along nicely....

Here’s my latest progress on Ellen...

You know, I didn’t feel like I’d stitched much more on Ellen from the last time I’d updated on her. So I was quite surprised when I looked at the previous picture I posted and saw where I was then. I've stitched more than I thought! I am quite close to finishing this, in fact, I might even manage to make this a January finish which I’d love to do given this is Wednesday and I have until Sunday (which seems ages away at the moment).
I only have two more lines of the words, the two bottom motifs and the outside border to complete. Clear the decks!!! I’m aiming to have this stitched this month!!!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my DT piece. Several people emailed and asked about the alphabet I had used for the border. I knew that back then I always kept a journal of anything I stitched but it was a question of where that journal might now be!! I did some delving into all my stitching stash and discovered it. I must admit it made for interesting reading, it reminded me of things I’d completely forgotten about - things I’d stitched and given away as gifts or exchanges plus it was just interesting to read again about some of the pieces that I still have here, some hanging on the walls some not. Amongst the info I’d always put down the date I started and finished, if I changed anything, if the pattern was a gift who’d given it to me, etc so it’s quite detailed. I haven’t kept a journal like that in a number of years, it just sort of went by the wayside. I had so much fun re-reading it that it made me think about starting one again even though I now have this blog to keep track. So, here’s a question - do you keep a journal as well as a blog or do you just use your blog as a way of keeping track?

Back to the seasonal spots. Here’s the info:

Fabric: 28ct cashel linen in toasted almond
Capital letters: DT’s For the Birds
Lower case letters: DT’s A House in the Country
Birds: a selection from each of the above patterns

Well, I guess it’ll be no surprise if I say I’m hoping to find time to stitch on Ellen today. Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Until next time…..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thought you might like to see

Back in 2003 (yes, I know, here we are in 2010!!) I stitched the four Drawn Thread seasonal Spots on one piece of fabric but never got it framed. The framer I was using at that time wouldn’t frame anything that he couldn’t put a mat round before adding the frame and this was one I wanted just with a frame. Back in this post I shared a piece that I’d left in with a framer I'd used for the first time. This framer said that she was happy to frame something without mats and I left this piece in with her just after Christmas.

Now, given that it’s almost 7 years from I stitched this! I can’t remember what linen I used but I do know that I went with the recommended threads and then stitched the border alphabet and birds in Caron Waterlilies Fiesta.

Thought I’d share as, even though it has taken me so long to get it framed and I haven’t stitched any DT pieces in a while, I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and I will be finding a spot to hang this.

Thanks for all the good wishes on the dental visit on Monday. I survived!!! I’m back this Monday for the follow-up appointment and then I’m hoping that’s me done with visiting the dentist for a while! Wishing you all a good weekend!

Until next time….

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ellen, Santa and a little bit of a squirrel

Monday again! I can’t say this is going to my most favourite Monday morning as later on this morning I have the first of two dental appointments for root canal treatment (follow-up one next Monday). Can I say that I’m not particularly looking forward to it?!?!?!? So, in the hope of taking my mind off what’s ahead of me in an hour or so let’s talk stitching!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on Ellen. A week later and here's where I am with her.

Excuse the darkness of the picture! I took it without a flash and it is still quite dark this morning. Now that I've seen how it looks uploaded maybe I should have used the flash! I’m still loving working on her and she is very definitely one of those pieces that I look forward to picking up and stitching on every day.

I’ve also been working on my January ornament and I’ve finished it! This one stitched up very quickly and I’m hoping to work on several PS ornaments through the year. I see finished ones on blogs coming up to Christmas every year and I always love how they look and yet, even with having the patterns in my stash, this is the first time I’ve actually stitched one! I plan to stitch a couple of others this year and get myself a nice little collection of them going.

From the Praire Schooler leaflet A Christmas Visit stitched on 32ct Permin in lambswool using suggested DMC colours

Other than that, I did make a start on the tenth Plum Street Sampler Quaker Calendar but I haven’t got very far with it as you can see.

Now that I’ve my January ornament stitched I’ll hopefully work a bit more on this one and see if I can report it as a finish next time.

Well, I hope everyone has a nice Monday. Now I'm off to stitch a little while and see if that can keep my mind off what's ahead of me this morning!
Until next time ....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Progress on Ellen & some picking up where I left off

Good morning everyone. What a difference 24 hours makes! This time yesterday we still had lots of snow and ice on the ground. Now? Temperatures seemed to rise enough yesterday for a thaw to start. Roll round to this morning, it’s raining and we no longer have a winter wonderland out there, the snow and ice are disappearing with every hour that passes!

I’ve been stitching away on Ellen and enjoying every minute of it. Why it took me so long to start to stitch this is beyond me but, now that I have, I’m so glad that I did! Then again, I have more than enough in my stash to say that about a lot of things that I have yet to get around to stitching! I did have a slight blip towards the end of last week with one of those moments when I started to doubt using WDW Williamsburg Red instead of GA Old Red Paint. With still no sign of my skein of Old Red Paint to be found here my dear stitching friend Siobhan popped an extra skein that she had into an envelope and sent it to me (thank you, Siobhan!). I stitched a second flower head so I could compare the two. There was very little difference, only a miniscule difference in the shade if I’m honest but, me being me, I felt more comfortable going with GA’s Old Red Paint. So, I undid the one flower head that I had done in Williamsburg Red and re-did it in Old Red Paint. Would anyone have noticed if I’d stayed with Williamsburg Red? Probably not but I’m back in my comfort zone!!!!

Goode Huswife's Ellen Birdseye on 32ct Elne of Lynnyn linen in Puck

This week it goes back to just DH and myself at home as DS#2 leaves tomorrow to head back to university in the north-east of England. My stitching plans for this week are to keep working on Ellen and try to get back to these …...

One of my stitching goals last year was to stitch one of the PSS Quaker Calendars each month. I managed to stitch nine of them but ground to a halt in October. Given that I’ve only three left to stitch it would be a shame not to keep going so I’m planning on picking up where I left off. Oh, and also in the mix will be my January Christmas ornament.

As another week starts hope all is well in your part of the world.

Until next time…….

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ellen Birdseye to start off 2010

Ellen Birdseye by GH is my first start for 2010. While I was going through my stash trying to decide which one was calling my name this one kept falling into my hands. Then I saw Melissa's finished piece in her review of 2009 and I loved the red that she had introduced so I felt that here was another sign that this one was meant to be what I will work on in the coming weeks. Melissa very kindly shared her colour changes some of which I am using. Here is my progress so far……

Of course, as always seems to happen, the one colour I couldn’t find in my threads was GA Old Red Paint! I should have it, it’s ticked on my list of GA colours but it’s not where it should be with my other GA threads! No doubt it’s hiding in a drawer somewhere. I’ve pulled out WDW Williamsburg Red that I’m thinking might work as an alternative if Old Red Paint doesn’t show up in time. I’m planning on going with GA Old Blue Paint for the birds, I like the more muted shade of blue than the DMC 931 and I’m using the tea-dyed linen I purchased last week. Bertie, you are right, it’s a lovely linen to stitch on.

It feels so good to finally have some stitching time! The Christmas decorations are down and packed away, only DS#2 is still at home, he heads back to university next Tuesday, and although the house felt very bare when the decorations were first gone here I am a couple of days later and Christmas is becoming a distant memory!

Until next time ......