Monday, January 18, 2010

Ellen, Santa and a little bit of a squirrel

Monday again! I can’t say this is going to my most favourite Monday morning as later on this morning I have the first of two dental appointments for root canal treatment (follow-up one next Monday). Can I say that I’m not particularly looking forward to it?!?!?!? So, in the hope of taking my mind off what’s ahead of me in an hour or so let’s talk stitching!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on Ellen. A week later and here's where I am with her.

Excuse the darkness of the picture! I took it without a flash and it is still quite dark this morning. Now that I've seen how it looks uploaded maybe I should have used the flash! I’m still loving working on her and she is very definitely one of those pieces that I look forward to picking up and stitching on every day.

I’ve also been working on my January ornament and I’ve finished it! This one stitched up very quickly and I’m hoping to work on several PS ornaments through the year. I see finished ones on blogs coming up to Christmas every year and I always love how they look and yet, even with having the patterns in my stash, this is the first time I’ve actually stitched one! I plan to stitch a couple of others this year and get myself a nice little collection of them going.

From the Praire Schooler leaflet A Christmas Visit stitched on 32ct Permin in lambswool using suggested DMC colours

Other than that, I did make a start on the tenth Plum Street Sampler Quaker Calendar but I haven’t got very far with it as you can see.

Now that I’ve my January ornament stitched I’ll hopefully work a bit more on this one and see if I can report it as a finish next time.

Well, I hope everyone has a nice Monday. Now I'm off to stitch a little while and see if that can keep my mind off what's ahead of me this morning!
Until next time ....


Siobhan said...

Woohoo Lois! Congrats on the finish. YGG! I love the progress on your other WIPs, too. Ellen looks great.

Good luck with the root canal. Blergh. I heard on the radio today that the third Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year. I can believe that!! LOL Hope it goes smoothly for you.

sherry ♥ lee said...

I heard what Siobhan heard on the radio today too...and given how I feel about January in general, you know it will have made perfect sense to me (even if it's the first time I've ever heard it!).

Root canal = :( Pamper yourself when you get home!!

And I'm loving Ellen, Santa and that little bit of squirrel. Hope the stitching helped to pass the time until you needed to leave. ♥

corinna said...

fantastic wips
and the ornament is so nice
good idea to start now
thanks for all your nice comment

all the best withthe tooth
rooting for you!

KarenV said...

I love your PS ornament finish, very nice!

Ellen is looking good, as is the PSS Quaker. Good luck at the dentist!

Catherine said...

All your stitching goodies look great!

Good luck with the dentist - definitely not my favorite place.

staci said...

Wonderful stitching! You have a fine start on your PS ornaments...I see them too and it always makes me want to stitch them, maybe I should???

Best of luck with the dentist and your root canals, ugh!

Sadie said...

Lovely finish and great progress on your WIPs too. Hope the dentist goes smoothly and you definatly deserve a treat after that :-)

Carol said...

Oh, Lois, I'll be hoping your root canal goes smoothly. I've never had one, but would be dreading it, too! Just keep telling yourself how good you'll feel when it is all over. That's how I get through unpleasant experiences...

I love your Prairie Schooler--as you know I've stitched many PS ornaments, but not that one yet. All of your pieces are lovely--as always :)

Cari said...

The dreaded dentist - my least favorite person to see! I hope all goes well.

Congrats on finishing your ornament - it is so pretty (the pressure is on Siobhan). I did work on mine this weekend and I hope to finish it soon.

Love Ellen she is so pretty and good for you for starting on the PS Quaker

Melissa said...

Oh my, Lois, you've stitched a lot. Everything looks great. I'm the same with the PS ornaments too - I have them but haven't stitched them!

I like that linen you are using for Ellen.

Sorry about the root canal stuff. Hope it's all and done with soon and you'll be feeling better.

Deb said...

Congrats on your finish! I am loving Ellen too! You're making good progress! And I sympathize with you on the dental work. I have to have a sinus lift and implant on Wednesday for a tooth that I cracked the root in. Anything to do with the mouth as far as dental work is not fun!

Michelle said...

Love your ornament finish! And Ellen is looking fabulous. Hope the root canal is quick and painless!!!

JOLENE said...

Love your version of "Miss" Birdseye, Lois. Hope your dental appointment went well today, I have never had a root canal, but it doesn't sound like fun. Prairie Schooler has such wonderful patterns, and I love your little reindeer, so cute.

Jackie in UK said...

Hi Lois,

Hope all went well at the dentist!

Your stitching looks lovely, as always! :-)

Jackie x

Katrina said...

Yuck on the root canal, hope all goes well.

Your Ellen is so pretty, I may have said it before but she's kitted and in my stitching bag :-). Cute ornament too.

Valerie said...

Ellen is coming along well! I just adore the Plum Street squirrel that you are working on and glad you are making headway on your Christmas ornaments! I promised myself one a month. I have not started one yet but I have a few more days :-)