Friday, March 19, 2010

Stash diving and those seven things!

Hi everyone! Well, I’ve been doing some stash diving this week and, while I’m planning on having BBD’s A Stitcher’s Companion on the go as my smaller project, once again I’ve ended up pulling out something that’s been in my stash for quite a few years. Having seen Melissa's progress on BOAF’s A Very Fine Sampler it got me to thinking that it had been a while since I’d had a BOAF 'fix'. So, my latest project is this one …..
BOAF Soweth Sampler. I'm stitching this on the same linen I used for GH Ellen Birdseye earlier this year and using the suggested WDW colours. I only started this on Wednesday so not much progress to show but this is where I’ve reached.

BOAF Soweth Sampler on 32ct Puck Elne of Lynnyn using suggested WDW threads

I have to say ‘thank you’ to both Cari and Melissa who thought of me when they were giving out the award below. Thank you ladies! In some ways I still feel a 'newbie' in the blogging world and I am still amazed that people take the time to drop by when I post to see what I've blogged about! So you can guess I'm even more surprised when others think of me for awards!

Now can I tell you, I’ve been pondering over what ‘interesting’ things there were about me that I could share. At the start I was having a bit of panic about being able to find seven things to list and I’m hoping Cari and Melissa don’t mind that I’m combining their two awards into one – finding 14 things about me would definitely tax my brain!! But, here I am several days later with my seven things:

1. I loathed Maths at school, it was my worst subject by far. Somehow I ended up marrying a Maths teacher who thinks maths is one of the best things in the world!

2. I shared a house for 5 years in my early 20’s with four other girls and let’s just say we had a lot of fun!

3. When I was 24 I was in the process of organising to go to the US for a year. One of my housemates had a thing about walking in somewhere on her own and this particular night she persuaded me to go with her so she wouldn’t have too. That night I met a guy, we started dating and yes, those plans for the US were shelved. That guy became my husband 1 ¾ years later and I never did make it to the US for a year!

4. I’m one of those very fortunate women who have short labours. My daughter was the quickest, she only took 1 ½ hours to appear and I only just made it to the delivery suite! When I was expecting my 3rd I was well warned to get to hospital as soon as I thought anything was happening otherwise I could be giving birth in the car!!! I made it to the hospital in time!!

5. I started stitching 24 years ago, I came across a little flower kit on aida and thought it would be fun to stitch. I was hooked! Going online was the thing that really broadened my stitching, online shopping has a lot to answer for!! Shepherds Bush were the designers who got me moving from aida to linen. I think the only constant thing that has been with me through my stitching is that I loved stitching alphabets and samplers when I started stitching and I still do all these years later. There are other things I would have stitched back then that I wouldn’t think about doing now.

6. I cannot bear my feet being touched. I’ve never had a pedicure in my life, it sounds like torture to me, and I don’t know what I’m going to do should I ever need to have anyone working at my feet! Another thing that I’m squeamish about are eyes. Never ask me to look in your eye if you think you have something in it!!! I just won’t be able to do it!

7. I‘ve had two jobs. First one was in a university where being a telex operator was part of my job. This was back in the dark ages before even the fax machine was around and on the very rare occasions that a telex machine is ever mentioned now most people go ‘what?!’. I left that job when I was pregnant with my first child and was a SAHM for 13 years. My second job was, believe it or not given the whole maths thing, in the accounts office of a hotel!

I know I’m now meant to nominate 7 blogs but I’m going to cop out on that bit as I really don’t know how to pick 7 blogs as there are so many that I love to read and quite a few people have already done this! So, thank you again to Cari and Melissa for thinking of me when handing out this award and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading seven things about me, interesting or not!

Until next time…..


Siobhan said...

I love your new start! I have had that in my stash for years and really need to stitch it. I need a BOAF fix, too. ;)

I enjoyed reading about you! I have a thing about feet, too, but have to say--I love pedicures! I only get them when I'm in the US, though, in the summer.

Have a great weekend!

Bertie said...

Love the BOAF, and doing it on Puck which is a great colour and texture.

Nice stories and what a miss going to the USA, it's so lovely there. When did you go?

Have been to Delaware myself in 2006 for MCox classes, saw the Winterhur Museum, gosh that is a must.

Sherry said...

You know I always love to see progress on your work...and the 7 things? I think I knew most of these but I don't think we ever talked about being a telex operator...or we did 20 years ago and I've forgotten. You knew that that was my first job as well, right? I can still "smell" those tapes....ugh!!! :)

Sharlotte said...

Love reading your 7 things Lois! I have a cousin that can't stand anything touching her feet either. She won't even go without socks. Those Shepherd's Bush patterns are great aren't they? I couldn't imagine stitching on aida these days with th exception of using it for something that requires more sturdiness like a doorstop or something.

Margaret said...

I love your new BOAF start! Great choice! And the 7 things -- I loved reading them! It's so much fun to read about you!

corinna said...

love the new sampler
fun to know more about you
have a great weekend

KarenV said...

Love your new start Lois! The colours look great on your fabric choice :)

Your 7 things are very interesting, thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

Great new start!

Thanks for sharing about yourself! I don't like feet either and didn't have my first pedicure until I was - let's just say older than I care to admit!

Deb said...

I just love your new start Lois. BOAF charts are really some of the greatest pieces to stitch!

I enjoyed reading all about you. Your talking about your feet make me think of my husband who can not stand having his feet touched. Me, you could give me pedicures every day of the week and I would be a happy girl.

Melissa said...

Oh, how I enjoy reading the 7 things! Reading about your delivery times reminded me of my son's arrival - 2.5 hrs, and he was 4 weeks early. Talk about surprise and panic!

I love your new start! I have that chart too. I just love their designs!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Pretty great new start! nice learning a few things about you, too! You did a grand job!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great new start - I just love those BOaF charts - I think I hear one calling me now....

Congrats on the award and I enjoyed reading and learning more about you!

Carol said...

Oh, Lois, you have got to stop enabling me!! I just love your new start--so pretty and fresh!

And your 7 things are all fun to read--I have to work on mine, too! Not sure how interesting they'll be :) I'm right there with you on the feet thing--the one and only pedicure I had was for my sister's wedding!

Brigitte said...

I just love stash diving myself. You never know what you come up with but you know that it will be a project that you have owned for a long time and that you have always wanted to stitch. Great choice and great new start!

Cari-in-VA said...

Melissa is quite the enabler isn't she :0)

I am so behind in my blogging but am slowly catching up and I hope to post this evening.

I loved your seven things - the story of meeting your husband was sweet. Ah, math is my favorite - I love to sit and find the solution to problems - I'm strange, I know.

My husband is like you, he can't stand his feet being touched and my receiving a foot rub is definitely out of the question, lol.

Thanks for sharing a little of yourself with all of us.