Friday, May 28, 2010

An infatuated finish and moving on

Hi everyone! How are things in your part of the world? Here it is a little chilly and our gorgeous weather of last weekend seems like a distant memory! The sun is at least shining this morning, much better than the rain we had yesterday.

Anyway, before I go any further……I can report a finish! Yes, I put the last few stitches in Infatuated yesterday and what a lovely stitch this was.

Sheepish Designs Infatuated stitched on 32ct Belfast Cream linen & a mix of DMC & WDW threads

I did do some hair-tearing over deciding what colour the house would be. I think I tried about 5 different overdyeds and wasn’t happy with any of them. Then I had something of a light bulb moment and decided to go with the colours of the strawberry and the heart, DMC 3721 and 3722, but add in a lighter shade from the same colour family. Then I just randomly re-threaded my needle with a different shade each time I needed too and was much happier with the finished result than trying to find an overdyed that I thought worked.

Meanwhile, I’d a nice stash day yesterday when BBD’s Pink Hill Manor arrived. I’m on auto for this series but have, as yet, to start stitching on any of them. This one though has caught my eye and I think this will be my next start.

I’m planning on stitching it on 32ct puck Elne of Lynnyn that I have in my fabric stash. So, no stash diving for my next stitching project.

And, before I go, here’s my Christmas ornament for May - Homespun Elegance's Mr Candy Cane, stitched on 32ct lambswool linen using the suggested threads. Siobhan, Cari and I are still managing to keep on track with this!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until next time…..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

And I decided on ........

Hi everyone! Well, some very deep stash diving has been going on around here. It worked though and here's my new start ...... Infatuated by Sheepish Designs.

I’m stitching this on 32ct Belfast cream (guess who’s trying to be good at the moment and work her way through some of her fabric stash before adding more!) and I’m using the threads called for, a mix of WDW and DMC. I am going to be stepping out of the box though on my choice of colour for the house. In the chart it uses WDW Coleus which isn’t available anymore and which I don’t have in my thread stash. The alternative listed is DMC 3686/612. Well, if I’m honest those colours, and even the original WDW colour from the picture, don’t really grab me so I’m doing something that will be a challenge for someone like me who tends to follow instruction on thread choice to the letter - yes, I’m planning on going with something different! I’ve pulled a couple of overdyeds that may/may not suit and plan on leaving the house to last to give me a better overall idea of what I think will work best. Wish me luck!!! This will either go very smoothly or I’ll be tearing my hair out with indecision!!!!

Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments you left on my last post about my finished CHS Her Sampler. I love reading all the comments on any of my blog posts and really do appreciate that people take the time to leave them! So, thank you!

My Christmas ornament for May is finished but I didn’t get myself organised to take a picture when I was taking some of Infatuated so that will have to wait to next time. Meanwhile, hope all is well with you and yours and that lots of stitching is going on!

Until next time……

Friday, May 14, 2010

And it's a finish

Hi everyone! Well, almost the end of another week and this one seems to have flown in. Our weather has been quite chilly this week, hard to believe that we’re almost to the middle of May. My DH had to scrape frost off the car windscreen one morning this week!! It would be nice if the temps could start to rise a little more soon.

Anyway, here she is…….

CHS Her Sampler stitched on 32ct Belfast cream using suggested DMC threads

Yes, CHS My Sampler is finished. I was able to get the DMC thread I needed on Saturday (and at the crazy price of 75p although I noticed they were now stocking Anchor and it was selling at 99p a skein!!!! Little wonder I only buy from there when it's an emergency?!) so was able to get back to stitching it and finished it a couple of days ago. I did enjoy stitching this one. I loved the greens, loved how it all came together and it’s one of my favourite stitches so far this year.

Now to decide what to stitch next. I seem to be going in circles with that. My stitching mojo is in full flow but it’s like it’s in hyper-flow so I’m stash diving, pulling charts out and then not being able to make a decision! Anyone else find that they do that at times? I think some of it is that often I’ve got a pretty good idea in the back of my head of what I’m going to stitch next when I’m reaching a finish and that hasn’t happened this time round. In the meantime all that indecision did get me started on my May Christmas ornament so at least I’m on track to get that one done this month. I only have a little bit more to stitch on it and it’ll be a finish too.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and hopefully next time I will have made a decision on what I’m going to stitch and will have started!

Until next time….

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This 'n that

Hi everyone! Well, not yet a finish with Her Sampler but almost there. I’ve run out of one colour (DMC 3011) and, of course, it’s the colour that’s used most!! When I started I knew I might be cutting it fine whether I’d have enough or not but hoped for the best. By the start of this week I knew I was going to be out of luck. I won’t be able to pick up another skein until the weekend (and hopefully will be able too, there’s only one place here that sells DMC and it can be a bit hit or miss on finding the ones you want). I know that DMC are usually okay with dye lots but I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve had this skein and, just in case there is a slight variation in colour, I reckoned the best thing to do was to stitch the borders so they, at least, would be exactly the same. If there is a slight change in colour it hopefully wouldn't be so noticeable being used in the motifs.

Other than that, these arrived today so my plans for this afternoon include getting them potted up and then hoping that with lots of tender, loving care they will grow!!!
They don’t look like too much at the moment, do they?! A friend’s daughter was doing a fund-raiser in their Guide group where you could order plants from this company. There are five plants – 2 peppers, a tomato, courgette and aubergine. I’ve grown peppers and tomatoes before, with mixed success, but the courgette and aubergine will be new to me. These are all varieties that can be grown in containers. Now all that's needed is a warm, sunny summer and lots of luck!!!!

And before I go, thought I’d share the PSS Quaker Calendar that I have on display this month. I’m still dragging my feet on getting the last two in this series stitched but hope to get them done at some point this year.

Hoping all is well with you and yours.
Until next time ……