Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adding to the family

Hi everyone! Well, Mr Stripey Pants’ family has grown a little since last I blogged. I’m enjoying stitching this one although I’ve been finding myself putting off stitching the motifs underneath the little folk as it’s a little repetitive. Rather than be left with all of them to stitch once I’ve everyone completed I’m going to start stitching two motifs each time a little person is done. That way, it hopefully won’t feel so repetitive.

I’m still smiling at these eyes. Then again, we have who I’ll call Mr Stripey Pants wife and she doesn’t even have any eyes charted! I'm still loving how the hands on hips give these little guys an attitude!

As we’re getting to the end of another month (can someone please tell me where this year is going?!?!), it’s time for me to share what I stitched for my June Christmas ornament. Here’s LHN Red House in Winter. Stitching houses is another love of mine and I couldn’t resist this one. My only thought on it is that I’m not sure I want to finish this as a stuffed ornament. It may well end up as a flatfold. I see this one sitting out on display more than hanging from a tree. I know Siobhan and Cari have both been stitching on their ornaments this month so watch out for their finishes.

LHN Red House in Winter on 32ct natural linen & suggested threads

Tomorrow DH and I will be heading off to England as DS#2’s university graduation is on Friday. Those three years that he’s been there have just flown. He’ll be coming home with us on Saturday (along with all his stuff packed into the car – that will be one full car!) and he’ll be here for a couple of weeks before heading off to start a summer internship. I’m very much looking forward to having him home even though it’s only for a short time.

Hope all is well with you and yours! If you’re a Wimbledon fan like me, hope you’ve been enjoying the tennis!!

Until next time …….

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little guy with attitude!

Hi everyone! I know, it’s been longer than usual since I posted but things have been busy around here and my stitching (and computer time!) has taken a little bit of a back seat. My daughter was home last week, along with her boyfriend, so I was spending some mother-daughter time and enjoying every minute of it. They headed back to England on Saturday night and the house seemed very quiet on Sunday but, it did mean that I lifted a needle, thread and some fabric again and started on this…..

Barrick Samplers Sampler Folk on 32ct sandstone linen using suggested DMC threads

Yes, another one that’s been in my stash for a while but one that called my name. I do love to stitch alphabets (or wording of any kind) and I guess I needed another fix of letters after finishing BBD Pink Hill Manor. When I stitched this little guy yesterday he made me smile ….

I’m thinking this should be called Sampler Folk aka Mr Stripey Pants with attitude!!!! He just cracks me up. I don’t know about you but I think it looks like he’s wearing sunglasses, they just don’t look like eyes to me, and it gives him an air of 'don't mess with me'!! I’m looking forward to stitching the rest of the little folk to see how they turn out!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my finished BBD Pink Hill Manor! I do appreciate that you take the time to comment and love reading them all. Right now I am way behind on my blog reading but plan to get caught up in next few days. Meanwhile, the Wimbledon tennis has started and I’ll be parking myself in front of the tv for the next two weeks, stitching in hand and enjoying the tennis.

Hope all is well in your part of the world!

Until next time…..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A pink house finish & some sewing machine time

Hi everyone! Apart from deciding on the personalisation I think I can report BBD’s Pink Hill Manor as a finish. I put the last stitches in yesterday and I did enjoy stitching this one, the pinks and peach tones were such nice colours to work with. This was stitched on 32ct Elne of Lynnyn in Puck and the suggested threads (a mix of CC and GA).

Yesterday, I managed to turn this.......

into this!!!

My quilting friend Margaret took me under her wing and I spent a lovely afternoon at her house yesterday while she helped me put this together. Credit where credit is due, she did the majority of the putting together and then I did the finishing of stuffing and adding the buttons but she also made sure I sat at her sewing machine and sewed a number of seams!!! So, of course, I came home determined to drag my much unused sewing machine out and see whether I can actually get it to like me and do what I ask it to do!!

Hope all is well in your part of the world. The sun is shining here this morning after a miserable couple of damp, rainy days. Not sure what I’m going to be working on next there are a couple of things starting to call my name. By next time I blog I should have decided.

Until then……

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pink Hill Manor amongst other things

Hi all! The weather has been nicer this week, the temps have climbed a few degrees and it’s feeling much more like it should for June. First of all, I want to say thanks for all the lovely comments on my finished Infatuated. I plan to get this one framed at some point. I haven’t taken anything to the framers in a while and this one is a finished size that I doubt I’ll be able to find something myself. So, a trip to the framers could be on the cards soon.

I’ve been stitching away on BBD’s Pink Hill Manor and enjoying the colours in this one. It’s such a sweet design and one of those pieces where the colours are so restful and calming to work on!

I took a little road trip earlier in the week with a couple of friends who love to quilt. They were going to a shop I wasn't familiar with. It sounded intriguing - about 30 miles away out in the country, along a narrow country road that’s only single lane so you don’t want to meet a car coming the other way and the ‘shop’ is, in fact, a very large garden shed in this woman’s garden! Well, what a lovely little place! I never thought to take my camera with me but I wish I had. This lady had more fabric packed into her ‘shop’ than you could imagine and she had an even larger shed beside that that she used as a workshop. I have dabbled in quilting, many years ago when my first son was just a baby. Then his sister arrived and between a toddler and a baby, a smallish house that didn’t have room for me to spread out my quilting projects, I changed direction and started to cross stitch. So, underneath this stitching addict there does lurk someone who could quite easily get started back to quilting. Needless to say, I didn’t come away empty handed! I bought some fabric

then some of this ric rac that was just that little bit different to anything I’ve seen local to me

and I also bought this little kit. Let’s see if I can manage to put this together!

Other than that, DS#2 finished his final exams at university this week. Now it’s the wait for the results and graduation at the start of July. He is planning on continuing as a student for another while as he is hoping to do a Masters next year at a different university.

Wishing everyone a nice weekend and thank you for dropping by!

Until next time…….