Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unexpected gifts & finds

Hi everyone! Good to know that I’m not alone in my aversion to french knots and that quite a few of you also take the option of beads when it’s something that will work just as well! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my finished Crows, Corn & Cats and ornament for September.

Since I last blogged I’ve made some more progress on this one …..

A little further on and I’m still happy with my thread choices.

This past week I’ve had my first experience of being RAK’d!!! Dear Myra over at Gr8dame's Place surprised me with an envelope that just brought a smile to my face. When I opened it up inside was this lovely project bag that she had made in the nicest fabric and, not just that, but when I unzipped it I found these two packets of sweets (now eaten I have to say!) and a skein of DMC 115 which is one that I will be making good use of coming up to Christmas.

Thank you Myra! It made my day and I am already using it to store my current project! Now, if any of you aren’t familiar with Myra’s blog I suggest you drop by and meet a lovely lady whose blog I love to visit to see her stitching and finishes. You can find a link in my blog list or just click here.

You know when you are looking for one thing but end up coming across something that you hadn’t been looking for in the first place?!?!? That happened to me this week. I was looking for some old quilting magazines that I knew I had packed away somewhere. In my search for those I came across a box that had a number of frames in it. One frame in particular caught my eye and here’s the result …

Notforgotten Farm Samplers Pennsylvania Pillowe
Stitched on 32ct R&R Roast Crown Blend & suggested DMC threads

I stitched this several years ago, it never made it to becoming a pillow but I’m liking how it looks in this frame. Still have to find the magazines though!!!!

Well, I hope everyone enjoys what’s left of the weekend! Weekends are when I try to work on whichever Christmas ornament I’ve picked for the month so, at some point today, I’ll be stitching a little more on that.

As always, thanks for dropping by!
Until next time……..


Margaret said...

What a lovely gift from Myra! So pretty too! Love your WIP. And what luck to find that frame -- love the result!

Myra said...

LLL is looking great Lois. I always like La-D-Da designs. Great frame find, it suits that piece perfectly. I have so many things stuffed in tubs and scattered about I tend to "lose" things quite often. I do hope you find the magazines.

I am so glad you like the little bag and it tickles me to see you call the candy corn "sweets". :o) Thank you for all your comments and support on my blog meanderings.

Cathy B said...

I love your framed piece - it's perfect! You are making nice progress on your La D Da piece too!

Now I'm off to check Myra's blog!

Cari-in-VA said...

What a wonderful surprise - Myra is so talented. Your WIP is great and that frame is the perfect compliment to your finished piece. Hope you find that magazine soon.

Maggie said...

What a great gift!

I love your 'found' frame, it suits that stitched peice perfectly, & LLL is coming along great, love your colour choices :-)

Hope you have a good week. x

Carol said...

Myra's bags are the best, aren't they, Lois? She surprised me with one for my birthday in January and I just love it... Funny thing--I am stitching an ornament with DMC 115 right now!

Think I'll have to venture up into my attic to see if I can find any suitable old frames like you did--your WIP and framed piece are both so pretty. Love the "Bucks Co., Pennsy" wording on the sampler :)

Jackie said...

I love your color choices too!

Myra sent very nice goodies. I know that you will enjoy them.

Funny how things work out and you stumble on something that works just perfectly. It's probably driving you crazy that you can't find what you're looking for. Hope you find it soon!

Patti said...

I love the progress you are making on Live laugh & Love and your framed piece is just perfect even if it was supposed to be a pillow, I like it more better as a framed piece.

Your gift from Myra is just gorgeous and I'm glad you like the candy corn sweets. Me, personally, I don't and never have and that's one thing I don't miss.

Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Andrea said...

Such a nice gift from Myra! How sweet!

Your WIP is just gorgoeus! Love it!

Yes, I do what you did all of the time!! Start out looking for one thing and come out with something completely different! But you know what? It's FUN!
I love that finish and the frame is just perfect. WTG!!
Hope you find the mags, lol!

valerie said...

Great progress on LLL...really love your color choices!

What a great gift from Myra...treats and all!

Annie said...

Nice progress on the stitching.

What fun to get RAK'ed with a cool gift like that. I love 115.

Great to find that frame unexpectedly. Works so perfect on your perfect stitching.

Dona said...

What a pretty project bag! It's very nice!

I love the Pennsylvannia Pillowe and it looks perfect in the frame. I'm adding that chart to my list now!

Bertie said...

Lovely storage bag Lois, the fabric is fabulous, very autumn.

Great frame for your sampler :))

Mary said...

I think the colours in your latest piece are really lovely and it seems to be stitching up fast too. The frame looks just right for the alphabet, and what a lovely gift from your friend.

Denise said...

Myra is sure one talented and sweet
lady - what a nice bag!
I love the framed piece - the frame was just perfect for it. How
lucky were you to find a box of frames!!

Mary said...

Hi Lois,
LLL looks great! The colors are so pretty.
Myra is a sweetheart. The project bag is a special treat. I was also a very lucky recipient of one of Myra's RAK.
Your frame is a perfect addition for your "pillow." Bucks County Pa is a 1/2 hr drive from home for me.

KarenV said...

That frame looks like it was made for that piece, it looks wonderful! Love your LDD WIP, the colours work so well together. Nice surprise gift too :)

Siobhan said...

What a perfect frame, Lois! That reminds me that I have that finished somewhere... I need to see if I can finish it into a pillow w/o mangling it too badly. Lovely gift from Myra! Your WIP is gorgeous!!

Natalia said...

Lois, I like your progress and I like the colors too. I totally love the frame, and you are fortunate to get such a nice gift from Myra.
Hey, I am ready for the Shores whenever you are, just let me know :-)

Melissa said...

Beautiful LDD piece! And lovely gift from Myra!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous gift!!!! Love your LaDDa piece and the framed design is just so cute. The frame is perfect.