Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rounding up March.....

Hi everyone! I want to start off by saying thank you for all the lovely comments that were left on my last post about my Happy Hearts finish. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to do that, it was lovely to read them all and there were quite a few new names in there so I really appreciate that. Talk about making a girl feel good about her stitching!! I seem to be suffering withdrawal symptoms from Happy Hearts and have been doing that thing of pulling out different charts and not being able to make up my mind which one to start. What I have managed to do this month though is keep on track with my monthly pieces. Didn’t manage it in January or February but somehow I’ve managed it in March!! So, here’s a round-up of those.

I’m back on track with the PS Twelve Days of Christmas blocks and here is #3. Stitched on 32ct natural linen and using the suggested DMC’s.

Then here’s the March pillow from A Primitive Calendar by Nikyscreations. For this one I used 32ct vintage country mocha with the suggested DMC.

And then my March Christmas ornament. I stayed with BOAF again this month and stitched the Christmas tree from the same chart as last month, Memories of Christmas. Not finished finished as this is another that will be making it’s way to Deb. Stitched on 32ct chestnut linen and using the suggested WDW.

Let’s see if I can keep on track in April!

As always, thanks for taking time to drop by. DS#1 is arriving home tonight and will be here until Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing him, haven’t seen any of our three since Christmas so it’s starting to feel like it’s been a while. Mind you, I do have the small matter of moving a lot of stitching stash off his bed so he can actually sleep in it!!! Hope all is well with you and yours.

Until next time….

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And it's a finish!!!!!

Hi everyone! Yes, a finish to report! BOAF’s Happy Hearts is completed! I put the final stitches in yesterday morning but waited until this morning to take pics in the hope that it might be a brighter day. It isn't. Although it is lovely and mild outside it is also cloudy and dull so, these pics are all taken with the flash. I have to say though, it does bring up more of the true colour of the fabric than when I don’t use the flash! Oh, and the two hands in the top left corner? In these pics it looks like they blend into the fabric but in 'real life' they are much more distinct.
BOAF's Happy Hearts Sampler stitched on 32ct LL Autumn Gold using WDW

I started stitching this with the intention of making it personal to my family. I liked that I could stitch our surname in place of the word ‘true’ which is in the original design in the top heart. I’ve added the initials of our three children, two of those are done in the hearts that were charted to have initials but then I wanted DS#2 to have his initials in a heart and did those in the one with the arrows.

Then in the entwined hearts are the initials of DH and me and below that is the year we were married (where have all those years gone?!?!?). I decided to add my parents’ initials under that and then under the heart at the top with our surname I’ve added my parents-in-law’s initials. I never had the pleasure of getting to know my FIL, he died many years ago when my DH was a young boy but my MIL was a lovely person who welcomed me into her family with open arms. It will be two years this summer since she passed away and she is still much missed.

I’m feeling a little bittersweet about having finished this one. A couple of weeks ago and I was feeling like I’d been stitching on it forever and yet now, here I am and I will miss working on it! This was one that had been in my stash for years so in that regard it feels good to have finally stitched it! Now to go and see whether I dip into my stash or I give in to the new BBD booklet ‘A Stitcher’s Journey’. It is proving more and more of a temptation except that I love it so much that I’m not sure what to pick first!

As always, thanks for dropping by my little part of the world! If you take the time to leave a comment, thank you! It is always so nice to hear from you all!

Until next time ……

Friday, March 11, 2011

Almost there.....

Hi everyone! Progress to report on BOAF’s Happy Hearts and I’m starting to feel like this one is nearly completed. My plan is to make this one our own family sampler. As I’ve been working on this over the past months I’ve spent time thinking about whose initials will go where and what I have in my head now is most likely what I’m going to go with. All will be revealed when I’m reporting this as a finish!

Then, here is the second of the squares from PS Twelve Days of Christmas that I’m stitching individually. Once again not quite finished in the month I had planned but finished within the first week of March! At some point I will need to stitch two of these in a month and then I’ll be back on track! Stitched on the suggested fabric - 32ct natural light - and using the suggested DMC threads.
Finally, I sent this as a little ‘thank you’ to Myra who had so kindly sent me one of her lovely project wallets several months ago. I thought it would be fun to send her something that she could use coming up to St Patrick’s Day and adapted part of the Plum Street Samplers freebie Hare’s Lucky Day as a scissor fob. I stitched it over one on a piece of fabric from my stash and used the suggested thread colours. It reached its destination last weekend, in almost record time as I had only mailed it on the Monday! I was very surprised when I received a lovely email from Myra thanking me as I had thought it would be days more before it reached her.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Stitching plans for me this weekend? I need to think about which Christmas ornament I want to stitch this month, get started on that, and some more stitching on Happy Hearts. As always thanks for the lovely comments you leave and for taking the time to drop by my blog.

Until next time ……

Friday, March 4, 2011

Putting rotation to one side....

Hi everyone! I’d love to say that not having blogged for a couple of weeks means that all I’ve been doing is stitching, stitching and more stitching but, alas, not so. I have been getting a little stitching done but my lack of updating has really been more to do with life and other things getting in the way! But, here I am back on track and here goes with sharing what my needle has been doing lately.

First up, a progress pic of BOAF’s Happy Hearts Sampler (and another pic where the fabric doesn't come up as it really is!). So much for me hoping for a February finish with this one……

My plan now is to just keep working on this and this one only. It has only taken me two months into 2011 to realise that at heart I am still not a rotation girl and I prefer to just keep stitching on one larger project at a time. So, this one will be what I’ll be working on until it is completed (and hopefully that will be at some point this month!). Then I’ll turn my attention to AaHRH for a while.

I will keep to having a few smaller projects on the go. Here is my February ornament which I did keep on track with and finished by the end of the month. It’s not finished finished as I plan to send this one off to Deb to work her magic for me.

BOAF's Memories of Christmas Santa stitched on 32ct chestnut linen & suggested overdyeds.

A couple of days ago I came home to this lovely package of goodies.

I had sent Elaine some charts and she very kindly sent me a surprise ‘thank you’ package. The chocolates are long gone (I made sure I took this picture as soon as I had opened the envelope!) but I love the little pillow she stitched for me and look forward to stitching the little kit.

Another sunny day here. Today I’m off to have lunch with a dear friend who I haven’t seen in a while. We catch up every so often and it’s one of those lovely friendships where, no matter how long it is since we last saw or chatted with each other, we just pick up where we left off. Thank you, as always for dropping by my blog and for the lovely comments you leave. It is much appreciated.

Until next time….