Friday, June 24, 2011

Progress and a couple of blasts from the past....

Hi everyone! BBD’s Glad Tidings is the one I have mostly been stitching on lately so here’s a progress pic. The leaves won’t remain like this, they are meant to be filled in with satin stitch so lots of satin stitching coming up in the not too distant future!

A finish to report….this is my chosen ornament for June, a Prairie Schooler chart, one that caught my eye when I was trying to decide which one to stitch for this month. This one I plan on sending off to be finished. Stitched using suggested fabric and DMC threads. I changed the lettering slightly. There's a K charted for under the H, I guess to fit in the space better, but being me,I had to go with the I so that the alphabet was 'right'!

Recently I saw Karen's finish of BC Buzzzz and it reminded me that I had this one stitched but had never done anything with it. I dug it out only to discover that I’d stitched this back in 2001!! Yes, 10 years ago!!! I sent this off to KarenV asking her to finish it as a long, narrow pillow. It arrived home today and I’m thrilled with what she’s done. She’s matched the colours perfectly and I love the little buttons she added. Thanks Karen for another great finishing job! The sun managed to shine for a little while this morning so the perfect opportunity for a picture taken outside!! Ready for another oldie?!?!?! This one was stitched in 2002!! I left this in to be framed when I picked up BOAF’s Happy Hearts Sampler. A Brightneedle design, Sweet Autumn Sampler, from way back. I’m not sure what linen I used but do know that it’s stitched with the suggested silks. This one sat for far too long in my finished pile and it’s good to finally get it framed and on display!

Hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you for all the great comments last time round. It’s always lovely to hear from everyone and I do appreciate you taking the time to leave them. Another weekend coming up, where does the time go. DH and I spent last weekend in Edinburgh visiting DS#1 who has been living and working there since March. The weather was awful…rain, rain and more rain …..but we had a good weekend. Great to be able to spend some time with DS#1 no matter what the weather’s like. No major plans for this weekend. I need to get moving on the June pillow from Nikyscreations and the 6th block from PS 12 Days of Christmas. I am way behind on those this month. Oh and add some tennis watching in there too from Wimbledon!

Until next time …..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

When you can't decide .....

Hi everyone! Thanks for the lovely comments you left as regards my framed Happy Hearts Sampler and ornament finish. Since I last posted it seems like I’m having a case of ‘startitis’. Not something that usually strikes me but here I am with several things on the go. First up, is BBD’s Glad Tidings. This one has been in my stash for a while. Not sure what the fabric is, it’s something that I’ve had for years, all I can tell you is that it’s 32ct and feels like R&R but I’ve no idea what the colour is – it looks paler in this photograph but really it’s a mottled tan colour. When I pulled out what I had in my fabric stash this was the one that seemed to work best with the suggested overdyeds.

I’ve also started this one, Not Forgotten Farm’s Grey House. I’m using the suggested colours and stitching it on 32ct lambswool.

And last but not least …. BBD’s Tulip House Stitching Companion. I’m stitching this on 30ct R&R CafĂ© Kona with the suggested overdyeds.

Here are two of my monthly finishes from last month. The fifth block from PS 12 Days of Christmas and the May pillow from Nikyscreations Primitive Calendar. Don’t ask how I’m getting on with those planned monthly stitches for June – nothing even started yet.

It’s good to know that I’m not alone with a comments ‘issue’. I’m finding it still happening so hopefully whatever glitch is going on will soon be sorted out. My followers bit has been gone for weeks but I’m seeing that happening on other blogs too.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. While some parts of the UK have been enjoying a sunny June it’s just not happening around here. Most days are cool and cloudy and seems like it rains at some point each day. There are some hardy souls determined to try and look summery in their t-shirts and shorts no matter how chilly it is. Don’t know how they do it!

Until next time ……..