Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birds, bees & butterflies

Hi everyone! Time for an update on the stitching that has been going on around here. First of all, here is a finished BBD’s Glad Tidings. Stitched on an unknown fabric (likely R&R) from my stash and the suggested overdyeds.

I have changed/adapted some things. I left the two butterflies out, I just preferred the gold, red and green tones through this and wanted to keep the overall piece that way. I added another star above the flowers to balance it a little more. I didn’t go with the single gold stitches that are randomly stitched in the background. I did do some of them but with stitching this with two threads I felt the threads showed up too much at the back of the fabric so took them out. I’m not sure about this though. I’m wondering if I tried stitching them with just one thread would it work. I do feel like the two corners are a bit empty. Then the bird in the bottom right hand corner?

I changed it. I’ve always thought this bird looked more like a poodle with a boot on one leg and, given that I couldn’t shake that picture in my head, I knew that was always going to catch my eye if I stitched it that way. So, a slightly different version of the bird.

Time to share another golden oldie! Something stitched back in 2002 which I have had major procrastination over finishing myself. No longer! Thanks to KarenV and her great finishing I now have this one out on display and I’m thrilled with what she did.

I had to resort to digging out my stitching journal that I kept back then to be able to give this one its proper name. An older one from EE&F, one of their Blacksheep kits, Summer Hive, stitched on the fabric and threads that were included.

A little late to be reporting a finish for June but here’s last months Nikycreations pillow which I did finish by the end of the month. Of the twelve designs this probably was my least favourite but, having stitched it, I will say that it grew on me. This one is stitched on 32ct country vintage mocha linen using the suggested DMC.

Thanks for all your great comments last time around. I’ve been trying to be good about adding to my stash these days but couldn’t resist signing up for the new BBD’s Loose Feathers so I’m looking forward to that being released soon.

Hope all is well in your part of the world. Enjoy the weekend!
Until next time …..


KarenV said...

Glad Tidings looks great Lois! I was chuckling at the poodle bird with a boot on his foot though - I can really see what you mean.

Could you add your initials and the date in the top corners perhaps?

Love your primitive calender finish and I'm glad you liked what I did with the beehive - I think it's a cute piece and it was hard to send it back ;)

Oh, I caved on the Loose Feathers too and have signed up with the Patchwork Rabbit. I've been pretty good this year about stash buying so I don't feel too guilty :)

Gabi said... the poodle bird. Too funny. But now where you said it I see it too.
Your Glad Tidings look great. Love your June pillow too. It's lovely.

Margaret said...

All your finishes are wonderful! I'm glad you changed out that bird -- having a poodle with a boot around wouldn't have been fun. lol! I love that particular design of the Niky's creation pieces. i guess I just love butterflies! KarenV is amazing! I'm wondering if I should get the nerve up to send something overseas for finishing.

Valerie said...

What great finishes! Love the colors in Glad Tidings!

Sally said...

Love Glad Tidings Lois. The colours are just beautiful.

Karen did a great job finishing EE&F and your ornament is so pretty.

Chris said...

Good morning Lois.

I love all your finishes!

Deborah said...

Great finishes! Love the chances to Glad Tidings.

Christine said...

Great finishes, LOL at the idea of a poodle bird

Lesleyanne said...

Three great finishes. Karen's finishing is great isn't it. Can't get the poodle with a boot on out of my head lol.

Annie said...

Love your finishes. Your birdie is much improved over the booted poodle bird! Karen has really done some great things for you!

valerie said...

Congrats on your finishes! Glad Tidings looks great and I agree with the bird! Maybe you can try the confetti stitches with one strand using the loop or pin stitch so you can anchor them better? Karen's suggestion is nice too!

As usual, Karen's finishing of your EEF is gorgeous! How nice to have it out for display!

Love your primitive pillow finish too.

Mouse said...

ooo well done on such a lovely finish :) and lovely finished finish too :)
hope you decided what you want to do with the space and poodle bird mmmmm giggling here love mouse xxxx

Faye said...

These finishes are all just beautiful!! I love the finish KarenV did for you especially...She is so very talented! Enjoy your blog..Take care, Faye

DonnaTN said...

Glad Tidings looks great with your changes along with both of your finished pieces. I'm glad I'm not the only one with pieces in a drawer that are longing to be finish finished!

Catherine said...

Wonderful finishes!!

Mary said...

Three more great finishes under your belt Lois - you sure have been busy.
I also hate it when there are single stitches to be done on a background - difficult to hide the threads on the pale linens.
Karen's finishing is superb, and like Margaret I am working up the courage to send her some pieces for finishing. I don't have PayPal though so it becomes a problem for payment - will have to work on that.

Sharon said...

I love what you have done with your Blackbird piece. I never cared for the butterflies on it-though I loved the pattern. Good change to that bird/poodle too. Congrats on a great finish.

Bertie said...

Love your Glad Tidings and did not miss the butterflies at all LOL. The colours are fabulous:)
Summer Hive is fabulous, must check out that Karen, her finishing is great.
Niki's Butterfly is lovely, they make such gorgeous pillows.
Have a great Sunday with no rain!!

Melissa said...

Glad Tidings look wonderful! I must dig this one out of my stash! I also love your stitches from Nicki and the sunflower piece with finishing from KarenV! I should stitch some of those little cushions so I can run my fingers through them!

Carol said...

I really like your version of the bird much better, Lois--nice decision to change his poofy tail :) That is such a pretty piece and I love the beehive and sunflower piece that Karen finished for you.

It's nice to dig out old unfinished finishes and finally get them on display, isn't it?

Your June finish is so pretty--I actually like the butterfly very much in those colors. It's funny how certain designs grow on you the longer you stitch them while others that you thought you would be crazy about sometimes disappoint. I've had to abandon a couple of pieces just because I knew I wouldn't like them in the end.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

Katrina said...

Everything is so pretty!!!! Love them all :-).

Too funny about the poodle, now I can see it and it's going to bother me too, LOL.

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, your Primitive pillows are soooo pretty! I love them, and your finishing looks great. Karen did a great job on her finishing, too, of your E&E&F! How cute. I need to think about doing some flat folds and other things so I don't have to always frame stuff. Congrats on the BBD finish! I like the changes you made, especially to the bird.

mainely stitching said...

Wow, what fab stitching!! :D You've been so productive!

Karoline said...

They are all gorgeous, congratulaitons

Elaine said...

Congrats on all your beautiful finishes Lois!