Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This 'n that

How's that for a very unimaginative blog title but it's about time for an update and my brain isn't coming up with anything better! While I still have my stitching mojo there’s no doubt that I’m in ‘summer’ mode at the moment. Add in DH having a week off work and while we didn’t really do very much there was some pottering around and pottering around definitely eats into my stitching time!!!

When I have been stitching I’ve continued to work on this one…..

I am hoping that I will have this part finished before the next part is released! There I was thinking I’d have this stitched in a couple of weeks, plenty of time to pick up something else and then go back to this one. Not so!!!! It is coming together nicely though and, alphabet lover that I am, I’m looking forward to stitching the bottom row of letters!!!

Remember I stitched BBD’s Glad Tidings a month or so ago? I sent it to KarenV to finish for me. There is a ribbon trim along the back so this can be hung on a wall (and it will eventually be doing that). I love what she’s done, love the green beads and gold trim that she used. As soon as this one arrived home I asked her to do another one for me so I’ll have that to share in the next week or two.

And before I go….. I have managed to do one of my monthly ‘smalls’. Here is the August pillow from the Nikyscreations Primitive Calendar. Stitched on 32ct lambswool linen and using the suggested DMC threads.

Do you see the little antique button? I received this and several others from my stitching friend Denise and I thought it would work perfectly on this one.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Never mind my blogging, I’m miserably behind in my blog reading and commenting. Hopefully I'll be starting to rectify that soon!

Until next time….


Siobhan said...

I find it hard to get into the rhythm of stitching and blogging during the summer--especially if the DH is home! Don't apologize--it's life. Enjoy it and blog when you can. ;)

Your stitching is, as always, gorgeous!! I love what Karen did with your BBD--the trim and beads are the perfect complement to the design. Your Primitive Calendar piece is adorable--I'm so impressed with how you've kept up with it! Nice progress on the BBD, too!

Bertie said...

Summer is lovely, I so want to start it!! Karen's finishing is stunning!
The Primitive Calendar ornaments look so fabulous, can we see them all please Lois:) when your DH has gone to work of course lol, I do know what you mean but what would we do without them:))

Annie said...

Your stitched pieces look just perfect for the summer... just the right summery feel.

Love what Karen did with Glad Tidings.

Sally said...

Summer is absolutely gorgeous Lois.

Karen did a fantastic job on Glad Tidings. Love it!

Very pretty ornament too.

Gabi said...

"Summer" looks just gorgeous.
Karen did a great job with finishing your pinkeep. Looks lovely.
And I love your darling little pillow. That button fits indeed just perfect.

Berit said...

I know all about being behind on blogging, reading, and commenting! Whew! :D

Those big white flowers of summer look so good to me with the rest of the colors in this piece. Beautiful.

Also, karen did a great job finishing your stitching! I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't send something over for her to work her magic upon! If only I had better discipline for finishing; ah, at least I do have a little stitching mojo this month! Better not complain and scare it away!

Lesleyanne said...

Summer is looking great. I love how Karen finished your Glad Tidings piece. I like the idea that you can hang it up. Love your pillow and antique button.

Margaret said...

Your BBD piece is so pretty! Love it! Love how Karen finished your BBD Glad Tidings. And I love your monthly ornament too. All so gorgeous!

Katrina said...

I say just blog when you can and you feel like it!!!

Love the BBD Loose Feather, it's so pretty and Karen did a wonderful job on the Glad Tidings piece. Cute little pin cushion too.

Carol said...

Oh, I'm just loving following your progress on the BBD piece, Lois--it is probably my favorite of all the WIPs out there in blogland right now :)

You and Karen did a great job on the Glad Tidings piece and your antique button looks perfectly at home on your Primitive Calendar small.

Your blogging is going better than mine--I've only had one post this entire month!! Hopefully, I can squeeze one more in next week :)

Have a great week--will email you soon :)

Babs in Alabama said...

Do I remember your Glad Tidings? I went looking for it as soon as I saw yours...had never seen it before and had to have it. Karen's finishing on it so pretty; Summer so summery :) and love your small of the month.

Nancy said...

Beautiful stitching! Love the small!

Karen said...

What great stitching projects you have! Love your finishes...

happy stitching...

Patty C. said...

Lovely work ;)

Denise said...

All your finished pieces are lovely,
as usual! You always choose to stitch such pretty and exceptional
charts that will one day be fought
over by your children.
Love the pinkeep & the button....!

KarenV said...

Love your progress on Summer, Lois! I've managed to stitch the vine up the LH side - I'm agonisingly slow at the minute but hope to get a crack at it over the long weekend.

Glad you liked how GT turned out, it's a lovely piece and the linen colour is just wonderful :) Love your little pillow too - you've got a great collection building up there!

Suzanne said...

I love your progress on Summer. I just picked this chart up on the weekend.

I love what Karen did with Glad Tidings, it's a pretty finish.

Nice little pillow. I love the other pillows in the pile as well.

Karoline said...

Great progress on Summer. Karen finished Glad Tidings beautifully and your calendar pillow is lovely