Friday, September 23, 2011

A froggy came a-calling….

Let’s keep the whole ‘frog thing’ to later on in this post I think! First up? This one.

Marie Suarez Bobines Cherie stitched on 32ct natural and white using suggested DMC

I stitched this as a birthday gift and, as it has now been received, I can share it here. This was a fun stitch, first time I’ve attempted something like this and I thought it was a cute way to hold your scissors. The stitching is over one and attaching it to the wooden bobbin was much more straightforward than I thought. Now the little fob?!?!? That was a bit more fiddly but I got there!

Next up is my Christmas ornament for August. I did have this stitched in August but thought I’d wait and share until I had it all completed. This is Holiday Spirit by Samplerbird Stitchery and I sent it to KarenV to finish it in a tree shape for me. Another lovely job by Karen, this is how it looked when she returned it to me

and this is how I finished it…

Holiday Spirit by Samplerbird Stitchery (found here) on white 32ct with CC Bandana & Mill Hill beads

The little flowerpot I found in Hobbycraft when we were in England in July. I decided to keep going with the white and red theme so painted this white and attached the ribbon.

All was going well with Three Crows until I started the satin stitch border. Has anyone else stitched this one and found that the satin stitch border was a pain in the neck or was it just me?!?!?! Having frogged twice – now in reality I didn’t get that far each time, just a couple of triangles and then I’d discover I was ‘off’ – I realised that if I wasn’t going to be completely bald from tearing my hair out I needed to think about this logically and come at it from a different angle. I decided to do some basting lines and that has made my life much easier! This is what I did first of all.

A line for the top of the triangle, a line for where each triangle started and finished and then a line for the middle so I would know I was spot on for the longest satin stitch.
And this is where I am now (and hopefully the frog has gone on its merry way!) …

The basting lines have made all the difference so if you’re ever stitching this one and the satin stitch border is doing your head in, this might work for you too.

Another weekend almost here! Where do the weeks go?!?!?! Wishing you all a good weekend. Thanks for dropping by and I hope all is well in your part of the world.

Until next time …..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crow love to start, quilt love to finish

Some crow love going on around here with this one and yes, several of you guessed correctly last time, this is indeed Goode Huswife’s Three Crows. I'm stitching this on 32ct Elne of Lynnyn linen in Puck using the suggested DMC.
I’m planning on finishing this as a pillow and did start out thinking that I’d just stitch the crows and the alphabet and leave it at that. Now that I’ve reached that part I’ve changed my mind and plan on stitching the border of satin stitched triangles.

I’m still on track with stitching the little monthly pillows from A Primitive Calendar by Nikyscreations. So here is the one for September.
Stitched on 32ct Belfast Vintage Country Mocha using suggested DMC

This was a fun stitch, it reminded me of stitching all those quirky folk on CHS Sampler Folk last year.

Wouldn’t you love to waken up to this view every morning?

And what looks out on this view?
A quilt shop! Imagine having your very own quilt shop in your very own garden. That is exactly what this is, found down a country lane with farms and fields all around.
Recently the shop celebrated its 5th birthday so some friends and I took a bit of a road trip to join in the birthday celebrations. I was pretty good in restraining my spending, picked up some fabric that I think could work as the backing for the PS 12 Days of Christmas blocks, another piece of fabric that caught my eye and some lace trim. After that it was into the adjoining workshop for tea, coffee and home baked goodies! There were lots of lovely quilts on display that had been worked on in classes and workshops through the year.
So, having started with some crow love let me leave you with a little bit of quilt love with this ……
this ....

and this ....

Until next time …..

Monday, September 5, 2011

First part completed

I was happy dancing a little bit last week as I put the final stitches in the first part of the current BBD’s Loose Feathers.

Stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory using the suggested overdyeds

It ended up that once I reached the alphabet I flew through that and now, here I am anxiously awaiting the second part being released so that I can get back to stitching on it!

Some more lovely finishing by KarenV to share this time round. I was so pleased with how she’d finished my BBD Glad Tidings that I asked her to do the same thing with CHS Her Sampler which I’d stitched last year and hadn’t got round to doing anything with. I loved this one so much when I stitched it so it was a shame that it was just lying in my finished pile and had been lying there for so long!

Stitched on 32ct cream linen using suggested DMC

Then there was the PS freebie ornament I’d stitched as my June Christmas ornament. I asked Karen to finish it with the contrasting red and green felt backing and I think this one turned out so cute!

Stitched on 32ct lambswool linen using suggested DMC

Another birthday has come and gone and I received this as part of a lovely birthday package from my stitching friend Leigh. I was thrilled when I saw this BBD pillow, I have admired this on many a blog but it was a chart that somehow never managed to make its way into my stash. Leigh also made this sweet scissor fob, isn’t it lovely?

Finally, a sneak peak at what I’ve started to stitch, back to one of my favourite designers. Recognise it anyone?!

As always, thanks for taking the time to drop by. Hope all is well with you and yours. Here we’re being warned that we’re in for some autumnal weather this week. I see lots more time to stitch on the horizon!

Until next time ….