Friday, December 23, 2011

Resolution #3 - that monthly ornament one!

Hi everyone!  Time to share the Christmas ornaments that I’ve stitched through the year.  I really don’t know what I was thinking back in January, there was definitely some over-enthusiasm for stitching resolutions going on, and I think it’s fair to say that in 2012 I’ll be making a resolution more along the lines of not thinking up three monthly stitching commitments!  One will do nicely!

Here’s the one I stitched for this month.  Part of a freebie chart which you can find here. 
Stitched on some linen from my stash and DMC 815

And then, here's a recap on all twelve!

January – Bright Needle Love in a Manger
February – BOAF Santa from Memories of Christmas*
March – BOAF Christmas Tree from Memories of Christmas*
April – Homespun Elegance Blessings*

May – Homespun Elegance Merry Yule^
June – Prairie Schooler Christmas Tree from A Christmas Visit*
July – Little House Needlework Silent Night*
August – Samplerbird Stitchery Holiday Spirit^

September – Prairie Schooler Christmas Welcome from A Christmas Visit*
October – Shepherds Bush Merry Be^
November – Shepherds Bush Santa’s Fill
December – La Comtesse  & le Point de Croix freebie found here

Those marked * finished by Deb of Artistic Needle
Those marked ^ finished by Karen of My Favourite Things
The rest?  My own attempts at finishing!
Thanks for all the lovely comments you left about my PS 12 Days of Christmas.  Even though I got a little carried away with resolutions this year I am pleased that I completed them all and love that this wreath is hanging in our home this Christmas.

DS#1 and DD arrived home yesterday and DS#2 was on a very early flight this morning from Newcastle and is now home. So, our house is full once again.  It’s been a year since everyone has been home together and yet now that they are all here it seems like no time at all since last Christmas.  So, we are settling in for several days of enjoying Christmas and hopefully I can get a little bit of stitching squeezed in there too! Whatever your plans for Christmas I hope you have a wonderful time.

Until next time ……  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Resolution #2 - PS Twelve Days of Christmas

Hi everyone!  A second resolution completed…….

Yes, I’ve managed to keep on track with stitching the whole of the PS chart The Twelve Days of Christmas through this year.  Never mind  twelve days of Christmas, it pretty much took me  twelve days to actually get these little pillows put together and on the wreath as I didn’t manage to set aside a day to sit down and work on getting them all assembled from start to finish.

But, it is now completed and I’m thrilled to have ticked another resolution off that list and to have this wreath hanging up for Christmas.  I can’t take credit for the idea of putting them on a wreath and displaying them this way.  I saw KarenV’s  wreath on her blog last December and thought it was a perfect way to display these. All pictures are clickable if you want a closer look.
Back soon, still have the monthly Christmas ornaments to share now that I finally have the Christmas tree up!  My ornament for December is stitched, just have to finish finish it and then I’ll be good to go. Thanks for all your lovely comments last time round on my Nikycreations pillows.  Two resolutions down, one to go!

Until next time …… 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

One resolution down, two more to go.....

Hi everyone!  One of my resolutions way back in January this year was to stitch the little pillows from Nikyscreations Primitive Calendar.  I loved the idea of stitching one each month and that they would be little seasonal pieces to have on display.  As you can see below I finished the December one a couple of days ago.
So, having managed to stitch all twelve here’s a little recap of each of them.
 All of them were stitched on either 32ct lambswool or vintage country mocha using the suggested DMC threads. 
All filled with rice.
Mostly my own interpretation of the little finishing touches.
And all them were fun, quick projects to stitch.

While we are very definitely into December and heading full-speed towards Christmas I do still need to share my November ornament!  This one was stitched in November but the actual finishing crept into the first few days of this month.

This design is one of the shop exclusive kits from SB.  I stitched this years ago but still had enough threads to do it again.  I added the little stars on the stocking instead of the beads that were originally used.  Stitched on a scrap of fabric from my stash.     

Seems like these days most of my stitching is Christmas related. I need to get busy on an ornament for December (still have to decide on what I'd like to stitch for that!).  Yesterday I pulled out the sewing machine and started putting the PS 12 Days of Christmas pillows together so, hopefully next time I blog I'll be sharing those.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  As always, thanks for dropping by!

Until next time.