Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This, that & the other....

Hi everyone!  I’m realising that it’s been a while since I stitched a larger project. I was more than ready to have one on the go but there’s no doubt, when all I seem to be doing these days is blog about my progress on Christmas Garden, I begin to wonder if anyone out there is starting to think ‘another post about CG, she sure is a slow stitcher’!!!!!  Now, of course, what doesn’t help is that I finished the top section about a week ago and I’m only getting round to sharing now (and not one more stitch have I put in her since last week!).  I’ve been doing that thing of jumping from one thing to another (in everything, not just stitching) and getting myself into something of a funk because I’m being totally distracted.   So, let’s see if I can concentrate for more than five minutes and let you all see what has been going on around here.

First up, said Christmas Garden.   Still a joy to stitch (even if I feel it’s all I’m talking about!).

Then, given that we’re almost to the end of March (how did that happen?!?!) here are two PS Santa finishes.  One from last month which I realised I didn't share in February and the one I stitched this month.  The Feb one is from the PS leaflet, Old World Santas II - stitched on 32ct natural light linen using suggested DMC -

and this month’s is a PS freebie that I’ve had for a number of years.  This little fella is meant to have teeth but I put the backstitching in for those and really didn’t care for how it seemed like he turned into a scary, grinning Santa so instead I’ve gone for the more genteel look of lips!
Stitched on 32ct natural light linen using suggested DMC

Hope all is well with you and yours!  Like many places we’ve been enjoying some glorious sunny days with temperatures way above what they should be for this time of year.  If the sun is shining in your part of the world – enjoy!  As ever thanks for taking time to drop by and read/comment on my ramblings!

Until next time ……  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progress & a little bit of pumpkin love

Hi everyone!  A little further progress to share on Christmas Garden

I decided to keep working on the top section.  The top border and border underneath this section of motifs are now completed with just a couple more motifs stitched .

I was ready for a bit of a break from CG so picked up PSS Halloween Hornbook Sampler and, as you can see, got to work on the next block.

I had fun stitching this block.  Loved the pumpkins, especially the middle one, and the way the colours jumped off the fabric.  I’m going to enjoy stitching this one!

A beautiful spring day today after a week when it was mostly cloudy and dull.  Nothing nicer than a St Patrick’s Day when the sun is splitting the skies!  With it falling on a Saturday this year we get to enjoy a long weekend as Monday is a holiday too. Whatever you’re up to on St Patrick’s Day in your part of the world – have a good one!

Until next time ……  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Christmas Garden on a Sunday afternoon

Hi everyone!  So, there I was, happy as a daisy this afternoon as I’d finished the first of the large motifs on Christmas Garden and figured I’d run the iron over it, take a picture and share my progress.
BBD Christmas Garden on 32ct LL light examplar using suggested Crescent Colours
Then I go and get the pictures uploaded on to the computer, take a closer look and realise that one motif is not quite finished – I’ve missed two stitches!!!  Look closely at the flower motif on the left hand side with the CC Fool’s Gold on the outside. Notice anything?!??!  There should be two more stitches on that flower!   I’ll do them later.  At least I noticed them now!

Not sure if I’ll stitch the other large motif under this one or just keep working along this top section. 

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments about the situation with my parents.  This past week things have been somewhat better so I’m hoping that they are now over this little hiccup and can put it behind them. 

And before I go, my friend Mary has recently started blogging. You can visit her at All My Scattering Moments or click on the link in my blog list.  Do drop by, say hello, welcome her to the blogging world and enjoy her wonderful stitching!

Until next time…..