Thursday, May 10, 2012

Christmas Garden - it's a finish!

Want to come do a happy dance with me?!?!?!  Guess who put the final stitches in BBD’s Christmas Garden earlier today….
 BBD's Christmas Garden
Stitched on 32ct LL light examplar
Using suggested CC & GA colours
I loved working on this one....
 Loved the colours.....
 Loved the motifs...... (oh yes, a whole lot of love going on with this one!!!)
 I made this one personal to my own family with our five sets of initials.

With thanks to Katrina for her generosity in sharing her alphabet idea.  I never did see myself stitching the original wording in the bottom section and loved the idea of an alphabet.

Can you guess that I’m going through that bittersweet feeling of being happy to have finished but a little sad that I won’t be stitching on it any more.  I guess some stash diving is coming up (and that is always fun!).  There are a couple of charts calling my name but I still have to make a decision.

Until next time……

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Christmas Garden & something completely different....

The start of a new month and a little more on Christmas Garden to report….

I love these final two motifs.  I think I’d have to say they were my favourites.  They just seem to go so well together.

As you can see I’m now to decision time…..what to stitch in the bottom section.  Anyone guess what it might be?!?!?!  The wording, Christmas Garden, or an alphabet?  Many of you know how much of an alphabet lover I am so this one isn’t going to be too hard to guess! Yes, I’m planning on going down the alphabet route (with thanks to Katrina – if you haven’t seen Katrina’s gorgeous Christmas Garden finish check it out here).

Something else many of you know is my love/hate relationship with the sewing machine.  But, every so often I take the notion and pull it out.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a little kit and it’s been sitting there calling my name.  Over the weekend I put it together.  It wasn’t without incident, I made many basic errors both in the cutting out and putting together but I did come up with something that sort of looked like how it should! I was so taken with the fact that I actually managed to put it together that I decided to try again with some of my own fabric and here it is…..

Now, don’t look too closely.  While I didn’t make as many mistakes second time round it still is far from perfect (lessons definitely needed in how to stitch round a curve!) but, given how low I rate my ability on the sewing machine… turned out okay!

Hope all is well with you and yours.  Our younger son will be home this weekend for a couple of days and we’re looking forward to seeing him.  He hasn’t been home since Christmas, which seems a long time ago now. 

Thanks as always for your lovely comments and encouragement.  With a bit of luck, next time I post it will be to say I’ve finished Christmas Garden!  Then it’ll be decisions, decisions on what to start next.

Until next time……