Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.....

Hi everyone!  Yes, one of those ‘little bit’ posts.  A little bit of progress to share but there really hasn’t been a whole lot of stitching going on around here.

A little bit more on PSS Halloween Hornbook Sampler and here’s the next block completed (I still need to change the ghost to a stronger white!). 

The whole time I was stitching this I was thinking it was a peacock but now I’ve started to doubt myself and I’m wondering if it’s a turkey….what do you think? I enjoyed this block. Loved the strong colours (seems like I’m in the mood for stitching stronger colours these days) and, given that I’ve completely fallen by the wayside with monthly Christmas stitching, I’m glad that I’m still on track with this one.

Then, a little bit more on PSS Sergei.  Sergei is such a handsome chap, isn’t he?  I’m loving stitching this one, I’m just being dead slow and stop about it.  Hopefully next time round if he isn’t a finish he’ll be very close to one. 

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my finished Quaker Blackbird and your continued visits.  One of my favourite times of the year at the moment…..Wimbledon and lots and lots of tennis to watch…….given that I like to have my stitching in hand while I watch I’m hoping that that means lots and lots of stitching!

Until next time……

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stitching & other things.....

Hi everyone!  Let’s start off the week with a blog post.  These past few weeks I’m doing that thing of jumping from one thing to another but never really settling to anything.  It’s not just happening in my stitching life, I think I can say I can apply it to all aspects of my life!!!! Do you ever go through that?  I’m hoping that I can be slightly more focused this week!!!   It’s not really ‘me’ so it’s not sitting comfortably with me that I’m all over the place.

Not too much stitching has been done this last week. My daughter was home for four days with the plan of finding ‘the dress’ for her wedding next year.  This was the first major shopping expedition with appointments booked in several bridal shops each day.  Overall it was fun but it did have its moments.  We found that the people who were lovely on the phone when she was booking the appointment turned out to be lovely when we met them while the ones who she didn’t get a great impression of on the phone, were not great when we turned up at the shop either.  One woman was one of those people who you really wonder why they are doing that job because it’s definitely not a natural fit for their personality!!!  Won’t be recommending that shop to anyone!   My daughter went back to England yesterday.  No definite decision on a dress yet but a couple of possibilities.

I do have a small finish to share….
 Little by Little Quaker Blackbird on 32ct LL vintage light examplar using the suggested DMC

I did change the final shape to a rectangle and added a couple of small motifs at the top. I definitely would like to finish this one as a hornbook so I’m on the look-out for something that will work.

Then, in keeping with my frame of mind at the moment, before I had finished Quaker Blackbird I started something else.  Plum Street Samplers Sergei.  This one I’m stitching on some cream 32ct Belfast linen from my stash with a mix of the overdyeds and the suggested DMC alternatives.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures that my BIL took recently.  My SIL took early retirement and one of gifts she was given was a helicopter trip round the north coast of Northern Ireland.   Given how miserable our weather has been lately (rain, rain and more rain) by a sheer fluke the day she had booked was a lovely one.  This is Portstewart, the small seaside resort that my husband and his siblings grew up in and where we often stayed during school holidays when our children were growing up.

Can you see the small dots on the beach? This is one of the beaches here where the cars are allowed on to the beach. 

An aerial view of the town itself.

And another one of the beach looking towards Castlerock, Benone Strand and then the hills of Donegal.  All pictures are clickable if you want a closer look.

Until next time……

Friday, June 1, 2012

A start, a finish & a continuation....

Hi everyone!  Thank you for all the lovely comments that you left when I shared my finished Christmas Garden last time round. I really do appreciate them and you certainly know how to make a girl feel good about her stitching! 

There I was all excited about finishing CG and looking forward to picking a new project.  Wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t decide what to work on next! I flip-flopped between one thing and another.  There is a larger project calling my name but when it came to the bit I just couldn’t seem to settle to it.  So, instead of that, I've been stitching a couple of smaller pieces that have been on my 'to stitch' list.

First up, another block completed on PSS Halloween Hornbook Sampler.  I may change the colour of the ghost (I’m assuming it’s a ghost!) to actual white as I’m not totally convinced that it pops off the fabric enough.  Going to do a few more blocks and then see if I still feel the same way.  In this pic it definitely doesn't 'pop' off the fabric, it does look slightly better in real life!!! The block for June I’m really looking forward too!  It’s one of my favourites in the whole piece.

 Being stitched on 32ct Elne of Lyynyn Salamander using suggested DMC conversion from the Belle Soie silks

Next up, a small finish to report.  Way back in February Linda of Keeper of the Crowes shared her February Word Play finish and when I’d commented on how much I loved it she very kindly offered to send me the chart so I could stitch it myself.  Well, of course, I was deeply involved in Christmas Garden when the chart arrived so there was no February finish of this one by me.    It’s all good to go for next Feb though (and gives me lots of time to actually finish it into a pillow!!!). Thank you Linda for being so generous in sending this one on to me.
 With Thy Needle & Thread Feb Word Play stitched on 32ct vintage country mocha with a mix of the suggested overdyeds and DMC

Then there is this one, another small start, Little by Little’s Quaker Blackbird.

This one I’m stitching on 32ct LL vintage light examplar using the suggested DMC threads. Hopefully a finish next time I blog!

Have a good weekend everyone!  Can you believe we’re into June?!?!?!
Until next time ……..