Friday, June 1, 2012

A start, a finish & a continuation....

Hi everyone!  Thank you for all the lovely comments that you left when I shared my finished Christmas Garden last time round. I really do appreciate them and you certainly know how to make a girl feel good about her stitching! 

There I was all excited about finishing CG and looking forward to picking a new project.  Wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t decide what to work on next! I flip-flopped between one thing and another.  There is a larger project calling my name but when it came to the bit I just couldn’t seem to settle to it.  So, instead of that, I've been stitching a couple of smaller pieces that have been on my 'to stitch' list.

First up, another block completed on PSS Halloween Hornbook Sampler.  I may change the colour of the ghost (I’m assuming it’s a ghost!) to actual white as I’m not totally convinced that it pops off the fabric enough.  Going to do a few more blocks and then see if I still feel the same way.  In this pic it definitely doesn't 'pop' off the fabric, it does look slightly better in real life!!! The block for June I’m really looking forward too!  It’s one of my favourites in the whole piece.

 Being stitched on 32ct Elne of Lyynyn Salamander using suggested DMC conversion from the Belle Soie silks

Next up, a small finish to report.  Way back in February Linda of Keeper of the Crowes shared her February Word Play finish and when I’d commented on how much I loved it she very kindly offered to send me the chart so I could stitch it myself.  Well, of course, I was deeply involved in Christmas Garden when the chart arrived so there was no February finish of this one by me.    It’s all good to go for next Feb though (and gives me lots of time to actually finish it into a pillow!!!). Thank you Linda for being so generous in sending this one on to me.
 With Thy Needle & Thread Feb Word Play stitched on 32ct vintage country mocha with a mix of the suggested overdyeds and DMC

Then there is this one, another small start, Little by Little’s Quaker Blackbird.

This one I’m stitching on 32ct LL vintage light examplar using the suggested DMC threads. Hopefully a finish next time I blog!

Have a good weekend everyone!  Can you believe we’re into June?!?!?!
Until next time …….. 


Margaret said...

I so know that feeling of not knowing what to start after a big finish. It's tough, right? Love your hornbook -- it's so cute! Love the February Wordplay too! How nice that Linda sent the chart to you. I love Little by Little -- your Quaker Blackbird is looking great! So I found that I can watch the French Open online at this website at the Tennis Channel. So it's better than nothing! TV in the morning and then online. lol!

Catherine said...

What great projects you are working on!

Mary said...

Hi Lois! I think after a big finish like CG, it's a good change of pace to focus on some quick projects as a balance. It looks like you've done exactly that and are having some fun with it too!

I've so enjoyed watching whatever turns up next on Halloween Hornbook and now I'm anxious to see what follows! What a fun, whimsical piece. And February Word Play is adorable.

Very productive stitching!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous, love everything!!! The Little by Little sampler is especially sweet :-).

Shari said...

so happy you found several projects to work on after your large finish!!! Good for you!!!!
I especially am happy to see the word play & the supplies you are using for it! I am collecting the 12 charts, little by little & am going to do them all..have a special project in mind!
I like your fabric choice...that is one of the things that has been holding me back!

Christina said...

I'm thoroughly fed up with my BAP and I still have months of stitching to go. :0( I wish I could work on smaller projects and not feel guilty about the BAP languishing in my sewing bag!!
My favourite block on Halloween Hornbrook is definitely the trio of pumpkins...such fabulous colours.

CATHI said...

You are working on such beautiful designs! :o)


Keeper of the Crowes said...

Oh Lois, your Word Play looks so pretty. I'm glad you enjoyed stitching it!!! Just love your Little by Little piece. They are fast becoming another favorite of mine. Congratulations on the completion of another block on your hornbook sampler!!! It's really looking good! Have a wonderful weekend.

Carol said...

I'll bet you do feel at a bit of a loss when you've finished a giant piece like Christmas Garden, Lois. Me? I just seem to be flitting from one small thing to the next this year :)

I love your Halloween Hornbook and the February Word Play is adorable. I've bought all the Word Play charts, but haven't stitched any of them yet... Maybe that can be my monthly project for next year!

Your new start is very pretty, too...Will look for a finish very soon.

Enjoy June, my friend--this year is just whizzing by far too quickly, isn't it?

Sherry said...

With your fingers already into so many projects it's understandable how hard it is to decide where to go next...especially when you've just completed one you enjoyed doing.

Love the little February one -- that's lovely!

BrendaS said...

Your Hornbook is looking really good. LOVE your February wordplay finish! You already have a head start on next Valentine's Day:))

Little by Little is a new favorite of mine and your little quaker piece is just darling.

Have a great weekend.

Jane said...

Great projects, I love them all and I would never have believed they were stitched in DMC, the shading and colours are lovely and muted!
Enjoy your long weekend too, lets hope the sun shines for us all xxx

Melissa said...

Oh, I'm anticipating finishing my current BAP and have been tearing at my stash trying to line up my next project! It's not easy! I may switch to something small as an in-between breather!

Your Halloween hornbook is coming along nicely. From the photo, the ghost is really disappearing into the linen - are ghosts supposed to do that? ;-)

Love the February wordplay. How nice of Linda to pass that on to you. And i like that Quaker piece! I wonder if it's in my stash?

Have a great weekend, Lois!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

All your WIPs are so nice! Enjoy the stitching as you go, then the big guy will call to you when it's THE one.
Happy June!

Denise said...

No, I can't believe it is June!
Soon (here in the US, at least),
stores will be telling us 'how many
days until Christmas'!!
Love the February Word Play - can't
wait to do that one myself...
I continue to enjoy your blog and
of course, your magnificent stitching. Have a super weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Love all the projects you did decide to work on. I just finished one and spent about an hour looking at my stack of WIPs and new things trying to pick something. I think your Christmas Garden was great and enjoyed seeing your finish :)

Lesleyanne said...

Your stitching is gorgeous. I can't believe it is June already.

Bertie said...

Decisions Lois! I am sure you have lots to choose from!
Love your February and the little Quaker start is wonderful. That hornbooks is nice, but that's for later in the year for me~ because summer should be upon us and it's dismal again, but keeping optimistic:))
Have a good long weekend!

Giovanna said...

Congrats on finishing the February chart. The WIPs are both gorgeous.

Mindi said...

Having a big finish is always so bittersweet for me. I love the sense of accomplishment, but can never seem to stop myself from starting 2 new projects for every 1 medium to large finish.

The Halloween Hornbook is progressing nicely, and looks like it will definitely be finished in time for fall. Love the Feb. word play finish, that couple is so adorable.

Myra said...

It is hard to believe it is already June. Where do the days go? Lovely stitching as always Lois.

Ele said...

Hello Lois,

you cross stitch works looks all beautiful! WTNT wordplay February was also me first of them.

Greetings from Bavaria

Karoline said...

Congratulations on finishing the Wordplay, it's lovely.

Your Hornbook is looking gorgeous & I like your new start.

Annie said...

You've got some pretty projects there to keep you busy for a while.

I love that PS piece. Contrast is always such a problem when you have a mix of light and dark colors. I'd be stressing over that snowman too.

What a nice stitchy friend you have to gift you the Word Play chart. That is such a fun series.

And a little BBD is always a fun stitch.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Are you going to do all those word plays? I have seen them around and love them stitched up as pillows with their little rusted bells and I think they have rusted pins as well? Thankyou for commenting on my blog - you are very sweet :)

valerie said...

Great stitching Lois! The Halloween Hornbook looks like lots of fun and your February Word Play is so cute! Its one of my favorites from the series.

Anne said...

I go through the same feelings after I finish a BAP! I think it's a bit of nostalgia that we go through! Lovely hornbook you started and you finished the wordplay! I think they are such cute designs!!

Suzanne said...

Oh, I am so behind on my blog reading.

Congratulations on finishing your Christmas Garden, it's amazing and so beautiful. Nice work with the needleroll, a good job you did.

Love your Word Play piece and Halloween piece.