Monday, June 18, 2012

Stitching & other things.....

Hi everyone!  Let’s start off the week with a blog post.  These past few weeks I’m doing that thing of jumping from one thing to another but never really settling to anything.  It’s not just happening in my stitching life, I think I can say I can apply it to all aspects of my life!!!! Do you ever go through that?  I’m hoping that I can be slightly more focused this week!!!   It’s not really ‘me’ so it’s not sitting comfortably with me that I’m all over the place.

Not too much stitching has been done this last week. My daughter was home for four days with the plan of finding ‘the dress’ for her wedding next year.  This was the first major shopping expedition with appointments booked in several bridal shops each day.  Overall it was fun but it did have its moments.  We found that the people who were lovely on the phone when she was booking the appointment turned out to be lovely when we met them while the ones who she didn’t get a great impression of on the phone, were not great when we turned up at the shop either.  One woman was one of those people who you really wonder why they are doing that job because it’s definitely not a natural fit for their personality!!!  Won’t be recommending that shop to anyone!   My daughter went back to England yesterday.  No definite decision on a dress yet but a couple of possibilities.

I do have a small finish to share….
 Little by Little Quaker Blackbird on 32ct LL vintage light examplar using the suggested DMC

I did change the final shape to a rectangle and added a couple of small motifs at the top. I definitely would like to finish this one as a hornbook so I’m on the look-out for something that will work.

Then, in keeping with my frame of mind at the moment, before I had finished Quaker Blackbird I started something else.  Plum Street Samplers Sergei.  This one I’m stitching on some cream 32ct Belfast linen from my stash with a mix of the overdyeds and the suggested DMC alternatives.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures that my BIL took recently.  My SIL took early retirement and one of gifts she was given was a helicopter trip round the north coast of Northern Ireland.   Given how miserable our weather has been lately (rain, rain and more rain) by a sheer fluke the day she had booked was a lovely one.  This is Portstewart, the small seaside resort that my husband and his siblings grew up in and where we often stayed during school holidays when our children were growing up.

Can you see the small dots on the beach? This is one of the beaches here where the cars are allowed on to the beach. 

An aerial view of the town itself.

And another one of the beach looking towards Castlerock, Benone Strand and then the hills of Donegal.  All pictures are clickable if you want a closer look.

Until next time……


Giovanna said...

Congrats on the very pretty finish! Sergei is looking great too. The aerial pics are just wonderful - glad the weather cooperated :-)

Jackie said...

I know I have periods of time where I hop from project to project and don't really settle on any one thing. Thankfully, I don't tend to start a lot of new projects during this period of time. Don't worry, your focus will come back!

Annie said...

Cute finish and I do love Sergei.

That dress shopping is quite a chore, but a labor of love!

Margaret said...

Oh my, bridal dress shopping! Definitely sounds like a challenge! You're starting nice and early though, so that's good. Good luck! Love the finish -- I like what you did with the piece with your small changes. And Sergei is definitely one I love! Those pics your sister's DH took on the helicopter ride are spectacular! Wow!

Vickie said...

Lovely stitching. Thank you for sharing those great pictures from your BIL.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

I think that it's just this time of the year!! Feeling the same way! I really like your "Little by Little piece"! Keep going on Sergei. It will be well worth the effort!!! He's on my wall now and he makes me smile every time I pass by!!! Have a good week.

Cathy B said...

Hi Lois - you have been busy lately. Good luck to your daughter; I'm sure she will soon find the perfect dress!

I like what you did with Quaker Blackbird. I stitched that once for an exchange, but have never stitched it for myself. When I do eventually stitch it again, I will have to remember how you modified it!!!

Have a great week!

Melissa said...

Hi Lois,

I can see why you wouldn't be very focused what with the bridal dress shopping!

I love your Quaker Blackbird and Sergei is on my to stitch list!

Those photos are lovely and makes me wish I was there in the sunshine. (It's probably pouring again, isn't it?)

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I love Sergi - have him - so why havn't I stitched him? Might go dig him out... mind you I have too many projects going at the moment - do I need another start?

Lanie said...

Wedding dress shopping ... what a special time that must be with your daughter!
That PSS "Sergei" is just too, too cute. Can't wait to see him finished!
WoW! Love the aerial photos of your SIL's helicopter ride. I've never been on one ... part of me wants it on my "bucket list"; the other part of me says "oh, no,no,no!" Pictures look fabulous!

Elizabeth said...

All too often I have that antsy, jumping feeling and I just flit between all sorts of things. It passes eventually! The pictures of Ireland are amazing - makes me really want to visit there soon. I look forward to seeing Sergei finished!

Mary said...

Hi there Lois!

It's not a wonder at all that you're feeling unfocused with everything else you've been juggling. Shopping for a wedding dress would be enough to put anyone's nerves afrazzle!

I'm so happy to see you'e managed to find some bits of time for stitching. Even though it may feel rather snatchy, you've managed to make a finish and a good start!

And I loved seeing the pictures of Portstewart - what a thrill the helicopter ride must have been! Thanks so much for sharing them.

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish. Sergei is looking good. Lovely photos from the Helicopter ride. Hope your daughter finds a wedding dress soon.

Chris said...

Hey Lois!
I love your sweet finish and Sergei is looking great too.
It sounds like you had a great day looking for "the" dress. I sounds like you know have a good idea what it may be. Hopefully it will make itself known soon.
Lovely pics!

Katrina said...

Fun scenery pictures and too exciting to be looking for a wedding dress :-). Can you believe we have children old enough to be getting married, LOL.

Sweet finish and I love Sergei!!!!

Erica said...

Beautiful little finish there! I love your photos too!

Barb said...

Wedding dress shopping with your daughter is such fun!! I love the Quaker Blackbird and have been debating doing Sergei.

Siobhán said...

Dress shopping--how fun! I LOVE your Quaker blackbird--sooooo cute! Nice start on Sergei, too. I loved seeing the aerial photos, they turned out so nice! I was so freaked out the first time I saw cars on the beaches in Donegal. It is neat to see the aerial photos and match it up to what is on maps, know what I mean?

I will email soon! Enjoy the weekend--I hear the sun is to make an appearance! ;)

Karoline said...

Congratulations on finishing Quaker Blackbird, it's very sweet and great progress on Sergei

Catherine said...

I can see that dress shopping is so tiring!
Lovely finish and stitches.
What great pictures, thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Oh, I loved seeing the photos of Portstewart, Lois--such a lovely place to live!

Sounds like you're very busy with wedding dress shopping, visits from your daughter, etc. I'm glad you are able to find some stitching time and your newest finish is lovely. I'll look forward to seeing it all finished up. Serge is looking so handsome--I bet you'll have him finished in no time at all!

Enjoy your weekend, my friend :)

Penny said...

How exciting to finally be shopping for the wedding dress!! :)
Lovely finish on Quaker Blackbird! You have a bird theme going - nice start on Sergei! :)
Beautiful pictures! An area I would love to visit.

Brigitte said...

Lois, this little finsih looks so great. I stitched it last year but I didn't change the shape of the surrounding row of stitches. I just love your version.
Thanks for sharing all these terrific pictures. It's like armchair travelling.

Lynn said...

Love your latest finish! It will look lovely as a hornbook.
I can't wait to see more of your progress on Sergei! This is a favourite of mine and I hope to stitch it myself one day.
The pics are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them.

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...


your little Quaker Blackbird looks very nice. I like the motiv.