Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some Christmas finishes

Little did I think that it would be the middle of November before I had the chance to blog again. Life here has been something of a rollercoaster and remains so.  My parents have both been in hospital, at different times, and my mother went from hospital to a nursing home where she’s staying until she can have her hip replacement surgery.  She does have a date for that, hopefully in about 10 days time (dependent on that thing of having to phone the morning of admission to check that a bed is available).  She was adjusting to being in a nursing home when my father was admitted to hospital with heart problems.  He had by-pass surgery 14 years ago but things are now starting to deteriorate.  It was decided to give him a pacemaker to try and regulate the heart so, at the age of 95, my father has had one fitted.  It’s early days but hopefully this will be of benefit to him.

I have no stitching to share, I have not picked up a needle in weeks as my days are mostly spent driving back and forth to see my parents, but what I do have are a couple of lovely finishes that Faye over at Carolina Stitcher did for me.   First up is BBD’s Crowning the Tree. I will freely admit to being totally intimidated by finishing anything in a stocking shape.  If I was attempting it? It wouldn’t look the slightest bit like a stocking by the time I was finished with it!  Faye, however, has done a wonderful job!

This I stitched on 32ct cream linen using a mix of the suggested threads.

Next, another lovely finish, LHN’s Joy and Peace.   Faye has used wool fabric for this one which works perfectly with it.

This one’s stitched using the suggested fabric (I think, sorry, can't remember, I have serious brain fog going on these days) and threads.

Faye, thanks for two great finishes, in amidst everything that’s been going on it was lovely to receive your envelope and know that I will have something new to hang this Christmas.

I’ve been on the computer very little so haven’t been visiting or commenting on any blogs and I am missing that.  Dear knows when I’ll get back to it but, I hope all is well with you and yours, and I look forward to getting caught up when I get the chance.

Until next time…..