Friday, January 18, 2013

So far, so good....

Hi everyone!  I know it’s only January but, given how limited my stitching time can be these days, I’m pleased to report that I’ve stitched the first two squares in A Sampler Story by The Sampler Company therefore keeping on track for my monthly stitch!!

I’m starting this one on the far right and working left.  I stitch in hand and if I’m stitching a larger project I usually try to work right to left so that I’m only ever holding the fabric in my hand and not a stitched area.  Two squares down (22 to go!!!) and I’ve put this to one side until next month.

Next up, a long overdue ‘thank you’ for a wonderful package that I received the first week of January.  I received these lovely goodies from Carol and have already thanked her by email but also want to share on here. 

The chocolates are long gone, the chart is in my ‘to do’ basket and this little guy is in pride of place on my mantelpiece. 

As many of you know, Carol’s over one stitching and her finishing are just wonderful.  Thank you Carol, your package arrived on a day when coming home to something that made me smile was just what I needed.  If anyone isn’t familiar with Carol’s blog, click here, and go read her lovely blog.

 started La D Da's By Her Hand  yesterday. Not the greatest of starts (ssshhhhh……frogs about!!!) but today I picked it up again and, of the little bit that I stitched, I managed to stitch correctly (I think!!!) so I’m feeling the love a little bit more.  At one point yesterday, as I re-stitched the flower for a 3rd time, I did wonder whether this project was going to be doomed.  Note I didn’t try to stitch another flower today, thought I’d avoid stitching those for a day or two!!     

 La D Da's By Her Hand

The suggested fabric is BOAF’s Meadowlark but the piece I have in my fabric stash isn’t large enough.  Instead I’ve gone with LL Vintage Sand Dune which seemed the closest match and the suggested overdyeds.

And that’s about it for this time round.  Where do the weeks go too, here it is Friday again and whatever your plans for the weekend – have a good one!

Until next time…..