Monday, February 25, 2013


Hi everyone!  Goodness, I’m actually going to manage two blog posts in a month!  Been awhile since that happened!!!   I do have some progress to share on a couple of things and I am starting to get a little bit more stitching time these days which I am enjoying!

Here’s the third block from A Sampler Story.  I was a bit ‘iffy’ about this block only because it had to be filled in but, when I got down to stitching it, I had a complete change of heart and loved working on it!

Mind you, I’m not leaving myself much time to stitch the next one before the end of the month.  Going to work on that block this week and hopefully I can get it completed quickly.  

Here’s where I’m to on La D Da’s By Her Hand.  A few more of the flowers stitched and each and everyone has had to be frogged at some point when I’ve been working on the outline. I really don’t know what it is about these flowers but I seem to be developing a complex about them!!!! I'm using 32ct LL Vintage Sand Dune and the suggested overdyeds.

My first Christmas stitching for 2013 is BOAF’s Red Santa.  I’m aiming to stitch each of the BOAF Santas this year and have made a start on the green one (though can’t say I’ve stitched much of it yet!). If anyone is on Instagram, some of us are trying to work on Christmas themed pieces each Sunday.  Search for #santasundayxs and you can see what we’ve been up too.  If you want to join in you are more than welcome. It’s a no-pressure SAL, just stitch what you feel like stitching and share pics when you feel like it.

 Stitched on 32ct BOAF Meadowlark using a mix of suggested overdyeds & DMC

* Now that I've uploaded the picture I've realised I've forgotten to stitch the doll's hands and the bows in her hair!!!!!

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments last time round.  The good news is that my parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary together, at home, on February 17th!  So far, so good, my mother is doing well and she is so happy to have made it back home again.

Until next time…..

Saturday, February 9, 2013

One of those 'this, that & the other' posts!

Hi everyone!  A little heart-themed finish to start off this time round.  I have to admit that I started to stitch this freebie (that you can find here) over a year ago. I came across the frame and bought it thinking that I was bound to have a chart somewhere in my stash that might work with it.  Then I didn’t manage to finish it in time last February, then I guess I lost the motivation to stitch a heart, then it got pushed out of sight….you get the picture!  This week I finally got my act together, finished the stitching and got it into the frame.  So, that’s the grand total of one Valentine-related piece of stitching I’ve managed this year!

 Alphabet Heart by Twisted Threads found here

This is how far I’ve got with La D Da’s By Her Hand.

I think subconsciously I am still avoiding the flowers after the frogging that went on with the first one.  Well, I’m not going to be able to avoid them for much longer as I only have the numbers to stitch and then I’ll just have to knuckle down and stitch some flowers!

However, I’ve put it to one side to pick up A Sampler Story and make a start on the two squares for this month.  Here’s my progress so far…..

This square is the only one that is completely filled in.  I was tempted to put it off  and stitch the next two top squares but then I thought, no, get it stitched and out of the way.   The fourth square looks like it will be a quick stitch so it should all balance out.

It looks as though this coming week my Mum will finally be going home.  She has been away from home for most of the past 6 months between hospital and nursing home stays, hip surgery in December and these past 6 weeks in the rehab unit.  Her recovery from surgery has been slow but this past week she seemed to turn a corner and became much more interested in walking and being on her feet.  Right now the only delay to her getting home is getting a care package in place but that should be worked out at the start of the week.  There have been many times over these past months that I thought it might never happen but here we are.  Never mind how pleased I am about it, you can guess my Dad is very much looking forward to her being home with him again.

And that’s about it from me for this time.   Hope all is well with you and yours.  If you’re under all that snow that we’ve been hearing about on the news today I hope you are staying warm and, if there’s nothing else you can do, enjoying some stitching time.

Until next time…..