Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New starts.....

Hi everyone!  It’s been a while.  The day after I last blogged my parents were involved in a car accident.  My father was at fault, the car in front of him stopped very suddenly and, even though he put the brakes on, he wasn’t able to avoid running into the back of it.  The car he ran into didn’t have much damage but my father’s car did, to the point that it was not worth fixing. My parents themselves were badly shaken and very sore for a number of days but fortunate that it was no worse.  So, as quickly as that, my father’s driving days were over.  At 95 it was time really that he was no longer driving although, this was the first accident he ever had in over 70 years of being behind the wheel.  Well, that changed everything, these past years they always used still having their independence with the car as the reason why they could stay home.  As you know, since last summer it has been one thing after another for them and I have spent many days driving the 120 mile round trip but this really was the thing that meant they needed to move closer to me.  Funny how things turn out, the very first residential care home I enquired at, and one which my parents knew of and had always heard good things about,  had a married couple’s flat becoming vacant mid-March.   It is about 10 mins drive from our house and they moved in two weeks ago.  They are still adjusting, it will take a while, but I am hoping that they will settle and realise that this is a positive move for them.  As for me, I’m still finding it very strange for my days not to revolve hours driving in the car!

As for stitching. As soon as I saw Paulette’s Red Cottage release I knew it was one that I had to add to my stash and move to the top of the ‘to do’ pile.  I’m loving this one and here’s my progress so far. I’m stitching it on the suggested Vintage Meadowlark although in 32ct and the suggested DMC instead of the NPI’s.

My plans for my monthly stitching of A Sampler Story have taken something of a back seat these past weeks.  I do have some progress to share, in that I have finished the 3rd and 4th blocks.  Stitching of the two blocks for March hasn’t started yet so I’m going to be way behind on that but I’m being nice to myself and not beating myself up over it!!!

Then here is La D Da’s By Her Hand.  This one was put to the one side once PSS Red Cottage arrived so I still have the personalisation to do. 

Now that my days are no longer revolving driving up and down to my parents I’m hoping to pick up the threads of my life again which will include getting back to visiting and commenting on blogs.  So often this past while when I had so little time to myself I found I just wanted to pick up my stitching, even if it was only for half an hour, rather than spend time on the computer.  I’m more than ready to be on here more now though!

Easter seems to have crept up on me this year.  We’re not having much Spring-like weather having had heavy snow last weekend that is still lying around.  DS#1 and DS#2 are coming home for the Easter weekend so I’m looking forward to that as we haven’t seen them since Christmas.  Whatever your plans this coming weekend hope it’s a lovely one.

Until next time…..