Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back on track...

Hi everyone! It’s not like I was really behind on A Sampler Story but having finished the 8th square it’s good to feel like I’m back on track with it.

 The Sampler Company's A Sampler Story stitched on 32ct Belfast cream linen using suggested threads

I’m now putting this to one side until next month (which isn’t that far away!) and going to be picking up this one again, Red Cottage by Plum Street Samplers.

 PSS Red Cottage stitched on 32ct Vintage Meadow Rue using suggested threads

It’s been sitting somewhat neglected for the last month or so.  I was thinking I hadn’t stitched any more on this since the last time I mentioned it in a blog post so I was surprised to find that I had actually stitched a little bit –  well, if you can call two leaves, a bit of stem and a chimney a little bit more!  I’m aiming to stitch on this for the rest of the month.

I do have a finish to report – the second BOAF Santa is completed. 

BOAF Green Santa stitched on 32ct BOAF Meadow Lark using suggested threads

 I felt like this guy took me forever to stitch.  I was only stitching him on Sundays, keeping on track with #santasundayxs on Instagram, and there were some Sundays that I managed no stitching at all, but it still took me 8 weeks to actual stitch him which felt like an awfully long time!!!!  So two done in 4 months!! I thought about changing tack and stitching on something different but then I thought, no, let’s keep going.  Next one up is the black one and hopefully that will be a quicker stitch!!!!!

Life is settling down gradually.  My parents are doing okay and, as each week passes, I can see them becoming more comfortable in their new surroundings.  Meanwhile, there is a big event just around the corner for us – a wedding! Our daughter will be getting married in just over 4 weeks time so we are starting to be on a countdown to that!

Hope all is well with you and yours! 
Until next time……

Saturday, April 13, 2013

All about squares....

Hi everyone!  Even though life has settled down I have found that getting back to what was my old routine has been more difficult than I thought. Everything is fine, my parents are settling in to their new ‘home’ and I’m no longer feeling like I’m constantly on the go.  Instead, I feel like I’ve gone from one extreme to the other and my problem over these last few weeks has been getting myself motivated to do anything! 

About the only thing I have been feeling like doing is stitching and having felt like I was falling behind on A Sampler Story that is what I've been working on.

First of all I completed this square….

Then I figured the next square looked like a quick stitch so I would keep working on it and, sure enough, it took me no time at all to stitch this one…..

That meant I was back on track to stitching the two squares for April.  The next one turned out to be another quick stitch…..

And by then I was really feeling like I was on a roll and this is where I am on the next square…..

By the end of April I’ll have 8 squares completed and 16 to go!!!

Hope all is well with you and yours.  I still haven’t managed to catch up with everyone’s blogs but hopefully that’s the next thing I can get back on track with.  Enjoy the weekend whatever your plans!

Until next time……