Friday, August 23, 2013

Stitching update (aka when you can't think of a interesting blog post title!!!)

Good Friday morning everyone!  Time for an update before we hit another weekend. Life’s been busy, a trip to England which was a lot of fun, seeing our daughter and son-in-law for a couple of days and then on to see son #2 for a few days before heading home.

Right, let’s chat about stitching!  First up, the on-going Sampler Story.  I completed the second square for this month yesterday.  I'm actually quite chuffed that I've finished these two squares and there’s still some time to the end of the month. Any mermaid lovers out there?  You might like this square!

I enjoyed stitching this one, it seemed like quite a change from the other squares so far which added to the enjoyment.

Here’s a pic of the two completed squares for this month…

Next up is a finish to report!  Jingle all the Way by The Scarlett House. I’ve been working on this one on Sundays on Instagram so it feels like it’s taken me a while.

Love how the words and snowflakes pop off the fabric, I'm happy with how it turned out and I love how splodgy the fabric is but, it didn’t convince me that stitching on dark fabric was something I enjoyed! I stitched this on the suggested PTP Swamp fabric but used 32ct instead of 36ct and used a couple of Belle Soie silks that were already in my stash – Vanilla Pudding and Red Fox.

Next up is a progress pic of BN’s Lo How a Rose that I'm stitching in a SAL on Instagram on Wednesdays.  This week I feel like I finally made some good progress. We've all started in different spots and it is fun seeing how our pieces are growing.

Stitching this on the suggested antique white in 32ct and using a mix of the suggested overdyeds and DMC.

I celebrated a birthday last week and wanted to share the lovely package of goodies that arrived from dear Carol over at Stitching Dreams.  Many of you know, and are friends with Carol, and know what a sweet friend she is.  If you’re not familiar with her blog click here and you’ll discover for yourself what a lovely person she is.

When I unwrapped everything look at the lovely pillow I found inside…

then a pic of everything…...

Carol has the most amazing knack of knowing exactly what you would like to stitch.  Having seen this Stacey Nash chart on several blogs it was one that I had on my ‘must add to my stash and stitch’ list.  I love this chart.  I’d love to say that I’ll have it stitched by this Christmas but I think a more realistic view is that I will have started it but will be looking at a finish for next Christmas!!!  I love the little extras she included, the rusty bells and the perfect sticky notepad for me – I more than need one that will remind what I need to do!!!  Thank you Carol, you are a dear friend and I love what you sent - one of those packages that made me smile for the rest of the day!

So, that is what’s going on in my corner of the stitching world.  Hope all is well with you and yours and that you enjoy the upcoming weekend. I do appreciate you all dropping by my blog and leaving comments. I've been very remiss at keeping up-to-date and commenting on other blogs but I'm hoping to improve over the coming weeks.

Until next time…..

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stitching and otherwise.....

Hi everyone!  Thanks for all your comments last time round.  It was good to hear that I’m not alone in sometimes finding it hard to get a blog post started!  Seems like many of us find the same thing and I’m going to take on board the advice of ‘let the pictures do the talking’ when I’m not feeling the words flowing!

So, let’s get started on what’s been going on around here, stitching and otherwise.

First up, the latest square to be completed on A Sampler Story.

With this square mainly being motifs and people it was a fun, quick stitch.  You’ll see from the picture that I’ve given you a sneak peek of the next square that I’ll be working on. Looking forward to stitching this one as it is quite a contrast to all the squares stitched previously. 

Next up is BN’s Lo How a Rose.  I’ve done enough now to feel that it warrants a ‘show and tell’. 

It’s such a sweet piece and as Wednesday is our day for the SAL on Instagram I’m hoping to find some stitching time later today.  Likely there’ll be an update picture on Instagram later today or tomorrow so feel free to check out my Instagram link if you wish.

Have any of you discovered the joys of the clearance section at garden centres? A couple of years ago, by complete chance, I realised the little gems that could be bought for a fraction of their original price which, if I brought home and gave them some TLC would repay me by thriving.  I thought I’d share a couple of the ‘finds’ I’ve bought recently.

Yesterday, I bought this glorious begonia reduced by 75%!!!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it other than it seems to be past it’s ‘sell-by date’ and needs to be moved off the shelves. There were about 6 of these plants sitting in clearance and I wasn’t the only one grabbing a bargain!!

Then this sunflower plant….

 Look at the new flower heads that are starting! It needed some dead leaves cut off and  I plan on re-potting it, but other than that it's as good as new.  I’m looking forward to the birds having a feast of sunflower seeds as autumn approaches.

Another recent purchase was this dahlia which was looking sad and bedraggled when I brought it home but it now seems to be enjoying life.

Last, but not least, not a plant from the garden centre but one that was in my parents' house which my father had no more interest in.  Rather than throw it out, I brought it home.  Lo and behold….

My first ever success of an African Violet flowering for a second time!  I have to tell you though, I really didn’t give this plant much attention and obviously ‘neglect’ works in this case because suddenly it has burst into life again.  I seem to be having a summer where my fingers are definitely ‘green’!!!

Well, that’s all for this time.  Hope all is well with you and yours.

Until next time…..