Friday, September 20, 2013

Stitching, stash and seasonal WIP's

Hi everyone!  It’s one of those autumnal mornings, dull and cloudy but with the promise of turning into a nice day later on.  Life has been busy.  Family home for weekends, a family wedding last weekend in Scotland, Glasgow to be precise, that was a lot of fun.  Lots of men in kilts and a very happy young couple who seemed to really enjoy their day.  Then this week we’ve had a painter/decorator in to re-do two of the bedrooms. Much needed I have to say.  This morning I’ll be heading out to look at flooring for one of the bedrooms.  What a difference a coat of paint makes and new wallpaper in one of the rooms. 

Well, let me start off with my progress on BN’s Lo How a Rose that I’m stitching along with several other ladies on Instagram.  I am loving this one and being very strict with myself that I only stitch it on a Wednesday!  (Yes, this non-rotation girl has suddenly gone from one extreme to another and is doing a balancing act with all the WIP’s she has going on – so far, so good!!!).  I’m stitching this on the suggested 32ct antique white and using a mix of the suggested colours – overdyeds and DMC.  The lighting is so dull this morning that I feel like it's making my pictures look a little washed out!

For those of you interested in tracking this one down the book is Better Homes and Gardens, A Cross-Stitch Christmas, Celebrations in Stitches, ISBN 069621363-X.   I bought my copy on Amazon Marketplace for next to nothing and, as far as I know, you can still pick it up relatively easily at the moment.

Next up is ‘old faithful’….. one more block stitched.  It has been stitched for a few weeks and suddenly here it is, the end of September coming into sight so I need to get busy and stitch the second block for this month!  This square is meant to be personalized with initials under the birds but I’m leaving that until the end.

Several of us have started stitching Fall projects on a Friday on Instagram. It’s another one of those ‘stitch something Fall/autumn related, your choice’ although several of us are stitching the freebie that was offered by With Thy Needle and Thread several years ago - you can find it here.  This is my progress so far

I’m stitching this one on some 32ct from my fabric stash, I think it’s something like Antique Ivory.   I’ve dabbled with the suggested colours slightly and I’m using an older Needle Necessities thread, called Woodland Fantasy, for the border. I’m pretty certain it’s still available through Threadworx but they’ve changed the name and I’m not sure what it’s called now.  I love the colours in this one going from greens to golds to browns. 

Note, this one isn’t finished but since I received the JCS Halloween issue last week I’ve been itching to start this one from Paulette of Plum Street Samplers and I can resist no longer and plan to start today. 

I did some stash-diving through my fabric and came up with what’s behind the magazine. It is showing up a little more brown in the picture than it is in ‘real life’ but the colours seem to pop off it and I’m going to give it a go.  Another fabric that I didn’t label so can’t share what it is other than it has the feel of an R&R!  Again, I’m using a mix of the suggested overdyeds and DMC, just going with what I had in my stash. 

I'll not talk about the new BBD booklet, Sisters, which arrived this week.  All I'll say is that I love each project is this booklet and I've the feeling that I could be adding another WIP into the mix shortly because I really don't know that I will be able to resist starting Witch No More!!!!  BBD have outdone themselves at Market this year, all their new releases are ones that I look at and think 'have to stitch'!!!!

And that’s what I’ve been up to lately!!!  Hope all is well with you and yours – enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Until next time……

Monday, September 2, 2013

Another week rolls around.....

Good morning everyone!  Another Monday rolls around and this is the one that feels as though we’re leaving summer behind with all schools having now started their new year.  My three are long past this stage but with a husband who works in education there is still that feeling of starting off again.

For a change, no progress pics on A Sampler Story. That one I’m planning on picking up again later on today now that we’re into a new month. Instead, I’ve enjoyed a week of stitching on Sheepish Designs Simple Elegance….

I feel like this one is really coming together and hopefully, I’ll have a finish to report by the end of the month.  There is some filling in coming up. These two sheep need some grass to lie on and eat!

I don’t feel like I’ve been too successful at making progress in the SAL for BN’s Lo How a Rose over on Instagram.  Somehow my Wednesdays turned into busier days and stitching was a little limited (and I was the one who suggested Wednesday for stitching!!).  Hopefully that should change from here on in and my needle can go a little bit faster.  I’m stitching this one on 32ct Antique White Belfast linen and using a mix of the suggested overdyeds and DMC.

And, if I needed any proof that the seasons were changing.  Going outside this morning, I saw this in our garden…..

I don’t remember the leaves having started to change last week, this week a completely different story!!

Hope all is well with you and yours. If they’re starting school, or starting back to school, I hope they settle in well!

Until next time…..