Friday, October 25, 2013

A finish, an almost finish and a finish down the road....

Hi everyone!  Time for a chat about what’s been going on with my needle and thread lately.  I am at least going to have one seasonal finish this autumn!  Since my last blog post I finished this older freebie by With Thy Needle & Thread (you can find it here). 

Stitched on fabric from my stash and the suggested colours but my interpretation of which colour went where.  Now if I could just ‘finish finish’ this one……could be that it will be next autumn before I can actually display it as ‘something’ not just a stitched piece!

Next up, another seasonal piece, Ghoul Tidings from Paulette at Plum Street Samplers which is in the JCS Halloween issue this year. 

I’m using the suggested colours and a fabric from my stash, no idea what colour it is, but I like how it is working with the suggested threads and I’m pleased to be using something from my stash that has been waiting to be used for a number of years.

There has been some dilly-dallying this month with A Sampler Story with only the first of two planned blocks for this month completed to date.  When I finally got down to it I had fun with Adam and Eve. 

Next week the whole focus will be stitching the second square for the month.  After that I’ll only have four more squares to complete!!!!

I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself in saying that another finish could be right around the corner.  I’ve now had several Wednesdays, the SAL day on IG for BN’s Lo How a Rose sampler, where I really feel like I’m making progress.  After Wednesday’s stitching this is how the piece was looking…….

 I feel a bit like I’m tempting fate saying that I’m only going to need one more Wednesday to complete this but, fingers crossed!   

Like many of us, I’ve been enjoying the Sunday Mystery Sampler over at Plum Street Samplers.  I love that there are only a couple of motifs to stitch each Sunday so it really is a piece that is easy to keep up with. 

I’m stitching Mary’s Sampler II using the suggested Vintage Examplar but in 32ct and the suggested colours.

And that’s about it from my corner of the stitching world!  Thanks for all your lovely comments last time round, I may be blogging a number of years now but finding that someone has taken time to leave a comment never gets old.  Hope all is well with you and yours and that you have a lovely weekend!

Until next time…. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A man, his dog and other things........

Hi everyone!  Given that we are more than a few days into October I know I could always pretend that I just didn’t get round to posting my September progress on ‘old faithful’ and leave it at that.  But no, having a need to tell it as it is I have to say that I didn’t manage to complete my two planned squares for September.  The second one was only finished a couple of days ago and, given that’s the first time I haven’t kept to my ‘plan’ it’s not really an issue.  Life happened and also, it’s a bit of a case of too many fingers in too many stitching pies at the moment so I’ve had a moment of clarity on that score and I’m going to try and be ‘good’ and not start anything more in the meantime!!!!

And in talking about ‘old faithful’ here is said square that I finally stitched….

And, here are the two September squares…….

DS#2 was home for the weekend and I put him to good use - got him to hold the whole piece up as I thought you might all like to see how it’s looking so far.  Can you believe I’ve only 6 squares left?!?!!  The only hint I’m going to give about the next square I’m due to stitch is that those of you who love stitching Adam and Eve pieces will like this square!  Okay, that’s a pretty broad hint, you’ll all know what the next square is about!!!

Aside from my moment of clarity about juggling too many projects this happened….

Oh yes, the classic slicing the top of your finger on a food processor blade!!  That curtailed my stitching for a few days.  The ironic thing was as I was washing it I’m saying to myself ‘watch you don’t cut yourself’ and then, lo and behold, in a split second the damage was done!!!  All healed now and stitching has resumed.

It did curtail my stitching on BN’s Lo How a Rose for the Wednesday SAL on Instagram but by the next Wednesday I was up and running again and here’s a progress pic..... 

Plus a pic of my overall progress...

I have indeed started Paulette’s Ghoul Tidings from the JCS Halloween issue.  What a fun piece.  I’m really not into stitching with orange but there is something about this time of year that makes me want to stitch this colour!  Fabric for this is from my stash – will say by the texture that it’s R&R but no idea the colour other than it’s a sort of brown/grey – and I’m using the suggested threads (just went with what I had in my stash so it’s a mix of DMC and overdyeds).

I have restrained myself from starting BBD’s Witch No More although will admit to having it kitted up and ready to go!!!  Also, I’d a nice mail day last week when this order turned up (and yes, I’m champing at the bit to start Yuletide Welcome but self-control is winning at the moment!!!!).  As ever, in the Christmas Ornament issue there are a number that I would love to stitch – whether I get round to it or not is another matter!!!! 

And that is what’s been happening around here lately!  Hope all is well with you and yours!

Until next time…..