Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday morning chat.....

Good morning everyone!  I remember at the start of this year thinking about trying to blog more regularly and keep up-to-date better on my blog reading.  Well, can’t say March was too successful a month for that!!! Here I am scraping in at the end of the month having last blogged three weeks ago!!!  April can only be better…right?!?!?!?

I don’t even feel I have much to show stitching-wise although there is nothing like checking back on your last blog post to realise that you’ve done a bit more than you thought!!!

First up, I need to share what has been occupying my time a little more than stitching – my quilt.  Oh yes, I have become well and truly hooked on working on this!  Here’s a picture of  before it was quilted to let you see the overall design…

And here it is quilted and with the binding halfway done as in, the binding is attached and I’m now in the middle of hand sewing it to the back….

This evening is our last class and those seven weeks have gone in so quickly!  I have loved this learning curve.  There was one week when I was quite discouraged (precision sewing on the machine is not my strength!) but with the encouragement (and help) of our class teacher and my friend Margaret I got back on track and haven’t looked back since.

Another quilt on the horizon?  Oh yes!  Hoping to take another class in the autumn and probably dabble here at home before then.

You may remember last time I was talking about how I’d grand plans of finishing the first quarter of SL’s Mary Gail by the end of March.  Well, I can’t say I’ve managed that but I do have a bit of progress to share….

Next up is BBD’s Hannah Lovina Joslin and straight off I have to apologise for such a terrible picture!!! Only when I got it ready to post did I realise how bad it was!!!  I have not done justice in any way to this beautiful sampler with my picture-taking!!! 

I’d say only a couple more Wednesdays and I’ll be reporting a finish.  Several people on this IG SAL have finished and the rest of us are all nearing completion.

Finally, having neglected the BBD LF’s since my last blog post I did pick it up at the weekend and have a very little bit of progress to share….

Yes, the poinsettia in the top right corner has been started!!! 

And that’s about all for this time.  Thank you for all the lovely comments last time round. I really do appreciate hearing from everyone.  It is such a boost and an encouragement to hear from others. I hope all is well with you and yours and that some Spring weather is starting to appear.   And now let me hit ‘publish’ and get back on track with my blogging!

Until next time……

Monday, March 10, 2014

Letting Mary go first......

Hi everyone!  As it’s Monday, and I usually try to work on Scarlet Letter’s Mary Gail (but haven’t managed to today!) I thought I’d start off by sharing my progress on her. 

She tends to get pushed to the side a little, mostly I think because I’m looking on her as a year long project so in my head I’ve got plenty of time!  Who am I kidding, here it is March and when I started out in January my ‘plan’ was to complete the bottom right hand ‘page’ of the chart by the end of this month!!!  If I don’t step up a gear I doubt that that will be happening!  I think I’m going to try for a Mary March (March Mary?!?!) and make sure I give her more attention.

Next up is BBD’s Hannah Lovina Joslin from Honeysuckle Manor.  Such a pretty one and I’m exercising huge self-control only stitching on her on Wednesdays.  I think all of us in the IG SAL feel much the same way.  She is very hard to put down!

I’ve changed the house slightly, it’s more like the house of the person I have in mind for the personalization.

I’ve been good to my word and worked a little more on BBD’s Loose Feathers 2011.  I’m going to be having a little company on this one.  Cindy of Never Enough Thyme suggested we have a mini SAL and keep each other going as she’s been in a similar situation as I was with this one.  Having company is exactly what I need to keep working on this one!

And remember the quilt class?  Well, here are my strips all ready to be sewn together.  After I uploaded this picture I realised there was a bit of fluff on one of the squares – ignore it – it’s not there any longer!!!!!  

Sewing the strips together is the next part and I’ve been feeling a little daunted by that but Deb over at Threadgatherer said what I needed to do was use pins, pins and more pins so, hopefully I can keep everything aligned and by the end of class this evening I’ll have something resembling a quilt top!! 

Until next time……