Thursday, January 22, 2015


Oh yes, lots of dithering going on around here!!  Usually I start off the year with ideas, have a January 1st start and, even if I don’t manage to keep to it, have something of a ‘plan’.  Not this year, nope!  No January 1st start (well, I did have a full house at that point – 6 adults and a baby – fabric and thread didn’t even enter my head!) and whether that’s been what has thrown me off or not I don’t know but, here it is almost to the end of the month and I still don’t feel like I have much to show.

I have decided on some Christmas stitching for through the year and have started to work on these…

 the Prairie Schooler Christmas Favorites booklet.  I’m using #santasundayxs on IG as the incentive to keep going.  You’ll notice I’ve started the second one but haven’t done the backstitching in the corners of the first one.  I did start that but wasn’t feeling the love so decided to leave it for now.    I’m stitching these on fabric from my stash, it’s feeling like R&R linen, and the suggested DMC threads.  The fabric isn’t showing it’s true colour, it’s coming up quite washed out in this picture, blame that on my photo taking skills (or lack thereof)!

Next up, something that Carol has already shared on her blog, the ornament that I sent as part of her Christmas gift.  This was a cute one to stitch, a chart I’d come across by chance,  Silent Night by AB Designs.

Then something that isn’t Christmas related!  I don’t think I shared any part of this one while I was stitching it as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise should my daughter drop by my blog.

I stitched LHN’s Simplicity but you’ll see I changed it slightly and, instead of  stitching the word Simplicity, I put our grandson’s name, date of birth and added a couple of bee buttons.  I was pleased with how it turned out  (and happily they loved it!) and I gave it at Christmas when they were here and could take it home with them. 

Excuse that the wrapping is still round the frame but we decided to leave that on until they got home in case it was damaged.

And finally, one other little bit of stitching. A chart that has been in my stash for quite a few years but I’m only getting round to stitching it now!

BOAF’s Love.   Now, a bit like the PS ones, this picture is showing up somewhat washed out, both for the fabric and the threads.  Again, it’s fabric from my stash (note a theme starting to run here …. stash diving rather than buying!) and I’m using the suggested colours although a mix of DMC and overdyeds.  Not sure how I’m going to finish this one, maybe a pillow or in a small frame.

I’m still not settled on a large project.  I’ve pulled fabric and threads for several different pieces but either I’ve done a couple of stitches and just thought ‘no, not for me right now’ or I haven’t even got as far as that.  That elusive project will be found, it’s not like I don’t have enough charts here to find something I’d love to stitch, and I am actually keen to have a year long project on the go. 

I have a number of new followers on the blog so thank you for adding me to your lists.  While I may be dithering over what I’m going to stitch I am hoping to be blogging a bit more regularly (I know, almost the end of January and this is my first post!!) and also commenting on other blogs. I have been very neglectful of that but plan to rectify it.  It has been lovely to catch up with the plans everyone has for this coming year and it has certainly brought some charts that I have in my stash to mind which I had completely forgotten about.

I’m not the greatest fan of January as a month but it seems to be going in quite quickly.  Hope all is well with you and yours and here is to 2015 being a wonderful stitching year for us all!

Until next time….