Tuesday, February 3, 2015

14 years later.......

Last week I came across some stitched pieces that, quite honestly, I’d forgotten about.  Several pieces were for smalls, ones where I’d done the stitching but then never got round to doing anything with.  Below is one of those pieces.

I know this was a freebie design and I’m 99% certain it’s by Bent Creek. If you look closely you can see my initials and date.  Yes, you read that right…..2001! I’d done nothing with this other than stitch it.  In all likelihood the finishing had me totally daunted, the thought of working with something circular?  No, I would have run a mile from that.  Given that I’m a little bit more confident with the sewing machine now I decided this needed to be finished.  Now, it wouldn’t win any prizes in the finishing department but, finished it is.  I added a heart button in the centre and it seems like the perfect small to have out this month.

I have a finish report!  Okay, so it’s a small one but it is a finish and I managed to squeeze it into being one for January.  Here is BOAF’s Love…

I did change it a little, adding a heart in the bottom right hand corner rather than my initials.  This linen is a mystery one, from the feel it’s an R&R.    Not sure whether I’ll finish this as a pillow or see if I can find a frame for it.

Next up is a new start – BBD’s Spring Tulips (I was in the mood for something Spring-like). 

I haven’t gone with the suggested fabric, when I pulled the threads together I liked how the colours looked on what I think is just ordinary antique white Belfast linen.  Hoping to finish that this month.

Thanks for all your lovely comment last time round.  Slowly I seem to be getting back into stitching mode which I’m happy about.  I have something in mind for a larger project but haven’t started it yet, hopefully next time I’ll have made a start and can share some pictures.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Until next time….