Friday, August 28, 2015

Moving straight on into autumn stitching....

Hi everyone!  August has been a busy month for us but one full of enjoyment.  Three trips to England which included looking after our grandson, said grandson’s 1st  birthday (where has the last year gone?!?!?!) and a family wedding when our nephew was married.  Can you say that August passed in a bit of a blur for us!  I did manage some stitching in there and, given how poor the weather has been here this summer, all that seemed to appeal to me was autumn stitching.

Having completed the BBD Loose Feathers the other designs in the Autumn booklet caught my eye. I’ve always liked them but, the usual story, never got round to stitching them.  Well, here we are……

I stitched this one first of all….

My first experience of stitching on chenille trim. I think I like using it, I probably was too hung up on wanting it to be ‘perfect’ to the point that I kept trying to fluff it up so much that it started to come out!!

Not content with stitching the little pillow I started on the box top…..

I’m really pleased with how this turned out, chenille trim and all, but the chenille trim was much more straightforward this time as I just glued it on!! I still want to line the box but, haven’t got round to that yet.

Both stitched on a mystery piece of 32ct linen from my stash and the suggested overdyeds

Do you know, I found there was a certain satisfaction in stitching all 3 charts from the booklet, mostly I will stitch one, maybe two at a pinch and often, if I’m honest, I don’t actually get round to stitching any and it stays in the ‘to do’ pile!  I imagine many of us are the same!!

Was I finished with my need to stitch autumn pieces?  No.  This is one that’s been in my stash for a while, and, one of those that would catch my eye but I would never get round to pulling the fabric and threads. 

This is from Beehive Needleworks, Fiona Pettiwood Needle Roll-up. 

Stitched on a 32ct Natural linen from my stash and the suggested DMC

I love the colours in this one, it’s stitched in DMC and it has reminded me that even good ol’ DMC have some lovely autumn shades.

I’m not a fan of over one stitching but I love these little over one acorns that the squirrel is gathering.

I don’t think I’ve got autumn stitching out of my system yet so this weekend I’m planning on going through my stash and finding something else in autumn colours. 

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Until next time…