Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas stitching.....

Hi everyone!  Well, I think it is fair to say that blogging this year, for me, has been woeful! I can only hope for better in 2017!  I wanted to drop by though before Christmas to share some of the seasonal stitching that I’ve worked out this last while.

First up, is Plum Street Samplers Merry Friends from the Jack’s Sweet Shoppe series.  I loved all of Paulette’s recent new releases but limited myself (for now!) to adding two to my stash– this one and Pomegranate Santa. 

This one isn’t stitched on the suggested fabric, it’s a 28ct Permin Lambswool which was in my fabric stash and I used a mix of the suggested threads – some of the overdyeds, some DMC. 

I bought this frame years ago.  I even remember the chart I originally planned to stitch for it but that one still sits unstitched!  When I’d finished Merry Friends I thought it might work and I’m really pleased with how it looks.

Next up, some Christmas ornament stitching.  These have all been received so I can share on here.

This ornament made its way across the Atlantic to my dear friend Carol at Stitching Dreams.  .  This is from the Prairie Schooler booklet Christmas Strawberries and I’ve wanted to stitch these for many years.  Having now done this one for Carol and being pleased with how it turned out. I may well try and stitch the others for next Christmas.  I think they would look lovely hanging together.

This is the ornament I stitched for my lovely friend Margaret.  We had coffee and exchanged gifts last week and she was under strict instructions to open the ornament one ahead of the 25th so she could have it hanging on her tree for longer than a few days.  I stitch one for her each year and this is the one I chose to do this year….

It’s from The Little Stitcher’s booklet Twelve Days of Christmas – Book One. Again, this is another series of ornaments that would look lovely all stitched together.  Fabric from my stash and using the suggested threads.

Next is the ornament I stitched for my daughter’s Christmas tree.  This year I went for a Santa and picked this one by Prairie Schooler from their booklet Christmas Day.  Another one that I stitched on fabric from my stash but used the suggested threads.

And that’s really been it with my stitching lately.  I’ve made a bit of progress on BBD’s Garden Club Series and have a plan in mind for how I will finish them but I still have 6 of them to stitch so I’m aiming to complete that in 2017. I do want to start on PSS Pomegranate Santa, have it all kitted and ready to go so that will be likely be my next stitching project.  Other than that, I have some ideas swirling around in my head for what I’ll stitch in 2017. 

Christmas is only 2 days away!  How did 2016 go in so quickly!  DS#2 arrives home later today with DS#1 arriving tomorrow morning.  My daughter and her family stay in England this year for Christmas but will be here on the 28th to see in the New Year. I’m pretty much ready for Christmas, I have some baking to do today but the turkey and all the trimmings have been bought, the gifts have been wrapped and I do not intend to go near a shop until after Christmas! Whatever your plans for Christmas are, I hope you have a wonderful time.

Until next time……

Saturday, September 10, 2016

And then it was 6 months later.........

Hi everyone!  I know, six months since I last blogged…….while my posts have been somewhat infrequent over the last couple of years I do have to say that leaving it this long was not in the plan!!!  I’d started out this year with the intention of trying to blog once a month and well, look how far I got with that?!?!?!  It’s been a combination of things – life (mostly that!), stitching mojo going walkabout which led to blogging mojo going walkabout and…….well, you get the picture.  However, the last few weeks I’ve been feeling like my stitching mojo is returning which, in turn, has led me to thinking about getting a blog post out there.  Of course, when I started to take pictures of what I wanted to share I realised that there were more than I thought there were going to be so, excuse this picture heavy blog post.  If you stick with me right to the end of it, well, we’ll be back on track.

First up, last time round I had started to share progress pics of the current BBD Garden Club Series.  Well, I finished this one…
BBD's Honey Bee #3 in Garden Club Series

Then, I got to this one and finished it as well….

BBD's Sweet Home #4 in the Garden Club Series

You’ll notice I haven’t filled in the wording yet. Somehow Sweet Home Belfast just doesn’t have the right ring to it so I’ve left that blank until I come up with an alternative.

I was really on a roll with these and finished this one…..

BBD's Tulip and Lily #6 in the Garden Club Series

And then?  Then I ground to a halt. Do you think this stopped me buying the charts as they were released?  Of course not….

Let’s just say I have good intentions and leave it at that for now.

My lovely friend Margaret (no blog) celebrated a birthday in May and I decided to stitch this scissor holder for her…..

Bobines Cheries by Marie Suarez using suggested fabric and thread

This is an older chart by Marie Suarez but I think it is still available.  Casa Cenina in Italy stock her charts and I know they ship worldwide.  They also stock the wooden spool.

In August I celebrated a birthday and my dear friend Carol, who many of you know from her blog, Stitching Dreams, sent me the sweetest gift….

Look at the cute little spools she added to the cording!!

Carol already knows how much I love what she sent.  The little pillow has found the perfect spot, the fabric will soon be used and the chart is a ‘must stitch’ for me. 
Carol, thank you again my friend for both your kindness and your friendship.

September has rolled around and it’s hard to believe that we’re heading into autumn.  Last year, I had the best of intentions of having these stitched and finished to be out on display.  Well, you can guess what happened….yes,  they were stitched but I never managed to put them together.

This year though?  Yesterday was very definitely an autumnal day here, heavy rain and strong winds, and it was the impetus I needed to get everything gathered together with the end result being this….

These were stitched using 32ct fabric from my stash and the suggested threads.

One final thing to share is my current WIP.  Yes, I actually have something on the go and I am enjoying every stitch….

This is Sitting Pretty by Sheepish Designs.  I came across this chart completely by chance several months ago.  I’d been searching for another design on the Casa Cenina website and going through the list of designers.  Lo and behold, I saw Sheepish Designs listed there and did a double take as I’d never seen it listed before given how her charts are pretty much OOP now.  Of course, I had to take a look and this chart, plus another one was sitting there for sale.  You can guess, I had to have them!!!  I’m thinking they may have only had a couple of copies (maybe someone found them doing a stock inventory) as once I’d bought the charts Sheepish Designs was no longer listed. 

Sitting Pretty I’m stitching in a mix of the suggested colours some overdyeds, some DMC.  I preferred the DMC alternative for the birds so have gone with that.  I am loving the colours as it comes together.  I'm using 32ct cream linen from my stash.

The flower head is filled in with satin stitches so I’m waiting until all the cross stitch is completed before working on that.  I am certainly hoping that next time I blog I will be reporting this one as a finish.

And, if you’ve hung in with me to now, I do believe I’m up-to date!!  No promises that I’ll be blogging every week (I’m back in England next week so that is highly unlikely!) but I will try not to leave it another 6 months!!  Given that my mojo seems to have returned I’m hopeful that I will have things to share and WIP’s to report on.

Hope all is well with you and yours.  Until next time….  

Monday, February 29, 2016

Stitching goings-on in February

Hi everyone!  Well, here I am for the second time, sneaking in right at the end of the month with a blog post.  I can’t say that I’ve had turbo needles this month my stitching has been more slow and steady but I do have things to share.

Last time I had made a start on this one….

BBD's Apple Orchard  #3 Garden Club Series

As you can see it’s now ready to be consigned to the finish pile.  I must admit to me this seemed like a lot of leaf stitching and didn’t really fill me with lots of enthusiasm.  However, once I started stitching I loved the colours and completely changed my mind about how much I liked it.   This was stitched using the suggested threads and the same mystery fabric as the first one.

With the second one finished I’d the third waiting in the wings.. Here’s my progress so far..

BBD's Honey Bee #4 Garden Club Series

Once again I’m using the suggested threads on the same mystery fabric.  What I’m not doing is stitching on two different pieces of fabric and joining them up.  I decided I would stitch this on one piece.

Given that I’m only stitching Christmas Thoughts Sampler from The Drawn Thread on Sundays I don’t have much progress to share but there is a little bit…

Aside from only stitching this on a Sunday there were also a couple of Sundays this month where no stitching happened at all.  I’m using the suggested 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast Linen and threads.

And that’s my stitching round-up for this time. I don’t have much left to stitch on BBD’s Honey Bee so I’m hoping there’ll be a finish to report in March.  The 4th in the series is waiting in the wings so that will likely be my next start.  Yes, I’m aiming to have this whole series stitched this year.

Until next time…….

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Three starts, a finish and a thank you!

Hi everyone!  Well, there’s been a little bit of stitching going on so here I am sneaking in with a blog post before the end of the month!  I know, I’m cutting it fine given that this is the 31st!

First up, I’ve a finish to report, it’s only a small finish but a finish is a finish, right? This is the first in the current Blackbird Designs Garden Club series – Basket of Cherries. 

I did change the colour of the cherries, after stitching the first couple I wasn’t so keen on the strong contrast in colour and decided to stitch them all in GAST Hollyberry.

I’m not sure how I’m going to finish these but if I do make this one into a pillow I think I’m going to use this BBD Rhubarb and Ginger fabric for the backing.

Having finished the first one, I had the second one waiting in my to-do pile so I’ve made a start on Apple Orchard.

I’m using all the suggested threads and the fabric is the same as for Basket of Cherries – a mystery one out of my stash.

Next up is Drawn Thread’s Christmas Thoughts Sampler.  I’m working on this one on Sundays and going with the suggested threads and linen (32ct Belfast linen in Summer Khaki).

I know Christmas is becoming a distant memory but I want to share, and publicly thank (I’ve already thanked her by email), dear Carol over at Stitching Dreams for the lovely package of goodies that arrived, with perfect timing, on Christmas Eve!  Inside was the loveliest Prairie Schooler ornament, beautifully stitched and finished…….

as well as these other lovely goodies…..

I do need to say there was also some chocolate but that didn’t last long in this chocolate loving house!

Carol, thank you again, you know how much I love this ornament and everything else you included.

And that’s a round-up of my stitching this month!  Here’s to February being a month with more stitching finishes to share!

Until next time…….