Saturday, September 10, 2016

And then it was 6 months later.........

Hi everyone!  I know, six months since I last blogged…….while my posts have been somewhat infrequent over the last couple of years I do have to say that leaving it this long was not in the plan!!!  I’d started out this year with the intention of trying to blog once a month and well, look how far I got with that?!?!?!  It’s been a combination of things – life (mostly that!), stitching mojo going walkabout which led to blogging mojo going walkabout and…….well, you get the picture.  However, the last few weeks I’ve been feeling like my stitching mojo is returning which, in turn, has led me to thinking about getting a blog post out there.  Of course, when I started to take pictures of what I wanted to share I realised that there were more than I thought there were going to be so, excuse this picture heavy blog post.  If you stick with me right to the end of it, well, we’ll be back on track.

First up, last time round I had started to share progress pics of the current BBD Garden Club Series.  Well, I finished this one…
BBD's Honey Bee #3 in Garden Club Series

Then, I got to this one and finished it as well….

BBD's Sweet Home #4 in the Garden Club Series

You’ll notice I haven’t filled in the wording yet. Somehow Sweet Home Belfast just doesn’t have the right ring to it so I’ve left that blank until I come up with an alternative.

I was really on a roll with these and finished this one…..

BBD's Tulip and Lily #6 in the Garden Club Series

And then?  Then I ground to a halt. Do you think this stopped me buying the charts as they were released?  Of course not….

Let’s just say I have good intentions and leave it at that for now.

My lovely friend Margaret (no blog) celebrated a birthday in May and I decided to stitch this scissor holder for her…..

Bobines Cheries by Marie Suarez using suggested fabric and thread

This is an older chart by Marie Suarez but I think it is still available.  Casa Cenina in Italy stock her charts and I know they ship worldwide.  They also stock the wooden spool.

In August I celebrated a birthday and my dear friend Carol, who many of you know from her blog, Stitching Dreams, sent me the sweetest gift….

Look at the cute little spools she added to the cording!!

Carol already knows how much I love what she sent.  The little pillow has found the perfect spot, the fabric will soon be used and the chart is a ‘must stitch’ for me. 
Carol, thank you again my friend for both your kindness and your friendship.

September has rolled around and it’s hard to believe that we’re heading into autumn.  Last year, I had the best of intentions of having these stitched and finished to be out on display.  Well, you can guess what happened….yes,  they were stitched but I never managed to put them together.

This year though?  Yesterday was very definitely an autumnal day here, heavy rain and strong winds, and it was the impetus I needed to get everything gathered together with the end result being this….

These were stitched using 32ct fabric from my stash and the suggested threads.

One final thing to share is my current WIP.  Yes, I actually have something on the go and I am enjoying every stitch….

This is Sitting Pretty by Sheepish Designs.  I came across this chart completely by chance several months ago.  I’d been searching for another design on the Casa Cenina website and going through the list of designers.  Lo and behold, I saw Sheepish Designs listed there and did a double take as I’d never seen it listed before given how her charts are pretty much OOP now.  Of course, I had to take a look and this chart, plus another one was sitting there for sale.  You can guess, I had to have them!!!  I’m thinking they may have only had a couple of copies (maybe someone found them doing a stock inventory) as once I’d bought the charts Sheepish Designs was no longer listed. 

Sitting Pretty I’m stitching in a mix of the suggested colours some overdyeds, some DMC.  I preferred the DMC alternative for the birds so have gone with that.  I am loving the colours as it comes together.  I'm using 32ct cream linen from my stash.

The flower head is filled in with satin stitches so I’m waiting until all the cross stitch is completed before working on that.  I am certainly hoping that next time I blog I will be reporting this one as a finish.

And, if you’ve hung in with me to now, I do believe I’m up-to date!!  No promises that I’ll be blogging every week (I’m back in England next week so that is highly unlikely!) but I will try not to leave it another 6 months!!  Given that my mojo seems to have returned I’m hopeful that I will have things to share and WIP’s to report on.

Hope all is well with you and yours.  Until next time….