Tuesday, February 28, 2017

That moment.....

when you realise it’s the last day of February and no, you don’t have a couple more days before the end of the month to do a blog post!!!  So, here I am, squeezing in a February post with a few hours to spare!

Once again February has been a mix of things, busy for the first half and slightly less so the second half.  I do have two small finishes to share and one small new start.

First up, I have finished The Gardener from BBD’s Garden Club series….

This one I looked forward to stitching but I seem to get bogged down in it and found that, for whatever reason, I was glad to finish it and be able to move on.  It is such a pretty square with the delicate colours but it became something of a chore to stitch.

That makes 7 stitched and 5 to go.  It feels good to be more than halfway now and I’m hoping that’s the impetus I need to keep going with them.  I would really like to have them all stitched in the next few months but, we’ll see!!!

I’ve made a start on How Does the Lily Grow, 10th in the series.  This is another pretty square with delicate colours.

And the final piece I can share is the finished Fa La La Snowman freebie from Plum Pudding Needleart which I had started last time round….

I do like this little guy and as I already have plans to send him to a new home at Christmas it means I’ll likely be stitching him again for myself. 

So there we have it, my February update.  Not much to share but I guess steady progress!!  It seems hard to believe that it will be March tomorrow – Spring just around the corner – can’t wait!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I really do appreciate that you take time to leave them especially when I am not the regular blogger I used to be.

Until next time……